Essay on using DNA in Science and Technology

Essay Topic: Using DNA in Science and Technology 


Nearly all active cells of every living organism on the earth contain a common molecule called deoxyribonucleic acid also known as DNA. This common, as well as complex molecule, comprises multiple elements, which are passed through the birth-givers to the offspring during reproduction. DNA differs from body to body, this means that every organism possesses a unique DNA. It is responsible to determine various physical traits such as gender, eye color, and texture of hair etcetera.

The study of DNA has brought tremendous benefits to the field of science and technology. The medical treatment for some life-taking ailments that did not seem to be possible until today has a potential cure now. DNA studies have proven a boon to Medical Science.

Essay on using DNA in Science and Technology

Uses of DNA in various aspects of Science


Body analysis, and prediction of diseases

Running a genetic test can save you from getting terminally ill.


If your body has a defective gene that is most likely to cause complications can be detected and treated beforehand. With the advancement of technology, scientists can now examine hundreds of genes in which, if mutations occur, can increase the risk of developing ailments. A simple genetic test can save your life!

In the UK, every baby undergoes a test called phenylketonuria also known as PKU. It is an inherent fault of metabolism that can cause the offspring to be intellectually unfit. If identified early, it can be operated by recommending the child a special diet.

Serious ailments such as heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes, and Several kinds of perilous tumors now can be taken care of by stopping their transmission to the child

In the US, researchers are aspiring to discover simple genetic therapy that could halt devastating diseases being transferred from parents to their children. Perceiving the genetic disposition and finding a cure that can prevent the disease makes sense right?


Genetically modified Food

You must have heard about genetically altered food. What are they exactly?

Food that is produced by combing the genes of different plants comes under the “Genetically modified” category. In more simple terms, Gene modification is, identifying a useful gene from another organism and then merging it with other genetic elements to produce the desired outcome.

You won’t find any difference in the taste and nutritional value of genetically modified food. But the question arises, does this world need this modification in food? The answer is “Yes”!

A developing country can get significant benefits from this procedure. The advantages are enormous. First, the world will get more varieties of crops, Secondly, this technology produces more efficient crops that can be even grown in poor soil. Moreover, these crops can have the ability to survive extreme conditions such as droughts.

According to some people, GM foods might lead to allergic reactions and can put the health in danger. However, a study revealed that ‘golden rice, a  genetically altered product, contains vitamin A. Consuming this transgenic crop has the ability to fulfill vitamin A deficiency in the human body. Vitamin A deficiency can result in blindness and data suggests that it is the reason for the death of more than a million children every year in most parts of the world.


DNA: The Detective

DNA fingerprinting enables investigators to study the patterns of DNA that a person has inside his cells. A unique DNA reveals the identification with the help of minute samples of blood, saliva, semen, or hair.

Incredible use of DNA is identifying the criminals with accuracy by biological evidence. By the same token, mistakenly arrested or punished suspects can get justice. Thus, fairness in the criminal justice system can be maintained with DNA technology.

An extolling example of such incident: in 2000, New York officials used DNA proof to solve a series of crimes committed by an individual. Moreover, in 2001, DNA evidence provided a major breakthrough in an investigation that remained unsolved for years despite the large law enforcement.

Although there are still some shortcomings in the process that needs improvement. If DNA evidence is utilized to its complete potential, it can help in solving and preventing many nation’s most dangerous and vehement offenses.



The potential revolution in gene therapies can play a crucial role in healing and preventing childhood infections. Medical science hopes to treat an unborn child for a transmitted disease even before symptoms start to appear. For now, genome mapping is calling for cautious optimism.

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