Essay on Why Music is Important in Life

Essay Topic: Importance of Music in Life


Music is the divine power that connects the whole world and gives meaning to life. Its importance can be measured from past events when the great musicians used to play sophisticated sounds called Ragas, and those sounds used to trigger intense movements in the atmosphere. For example, Megh (Raga), the classical Indian music sung by the renowned musician Tansen, was well-known to bring rain to the Earth.

Essay on Why Music is Important in Life

In this contemporary era, various genres of music are being introduced such as Jazz, Hip-hop, Rock, Country Music, and Pop Music. As far as early music is concerned, only a few types were famous. Those music include classical music, folk music etcetera. With the passage of time, more new genres are being added to the list of music.

Why Music Is Important? 

Music as a Therapy:

Music has a crucial role in coping with trauma. For a long time, music therapies have been proved a significant way to form a curative aura. Musical waves address stress and help people ease the extreme traumas any individual is facing. Music is a natural healer. It is the food for the soul. The pleasant combination of rhythm with harmony helps you connect with your soul. In the words of William Shakespeare,” If music is the food of love, play on, give me excess of it”.

Researchers assert that with the help of music, one can experience various advantages such as mood improvement, facilitating grieving, and self-expression. The powerful effect of music on the human body is inexplicable. This overwhelming experience is a boon to many trauma survivors. Good music tends to provide a strong competing stimulus to the pain and music therapy can serve in pain management.

In a research published by Akombo, a community music composer used his music to recall the experience of trauma by adding humor into his act. The survivors of the incident accepted that it helped them deal with the distress associated with their sad experience.


Improves Focus:

Soothing music has the power to help people getting concentrated on the task. If your busy life has led you to feel anxious, dazed, and less focused on important work, consider playing a soothing melody. Anxiety can turn into a crippling barrier between people and their achievements. Calming music works as a tranquilizer that helps the mind release the stress and keep the stress at bay. A calm mind has more retention power and expedites the process of information in your mind. As a result, it helps people become more productive.

A study was done by Stanford University through which it was discovered that in place of distracting students, music moves the brain to pay attention. It engages the different dimensions of the brain towards being attentive to the study. It stimulates their brain to generate ideas more efficiently.


Music: The feeling of expression:

When words do not work, music does! When a person listens to music and feels it intensely, he basically associates the music with his emotions. Many music composers have been seen expressing their happiness, grieves, and rage in the form of music. It provides an interpretation of their unexplainable views. While making songs, they leave the realm of social conditioning and conscious thoughts and just express themselves in their art. According to them, “When they feel chocked while being vocal about their emotions, music works for them as a subtler form of expression”. Artists feel more liberated after releasing their deeply buried sentiments.


A perfect situation needs a piece of perfect music:

Ever wondered why those high-pitched songs are played in gyms?

Well, it is because listening to those encouraging workout tracks gives a sense of enthusiasm and helps boost physical performance. During a hard training session, listening to your favorite playlist helps increase endurance. Moreover, can you imagine how awkward a quiet gym would be?

In other scenarios, such as parties and weddings, to keep the attendees entertained, music is played so that they do not feel bored and be wide awake. When they listen to hip-hop and bhangra type of music, they get on well with the environment. No doubt entertainment is an integral aspect of every wedding.



Music and emotions are strongly linked together. Music is beneficial in many aspects of human life as it fills the void and enriches our lives. People who are unaware of the blessing of music are missing something really important in their life. It has an immense worth that should be cherished by all. By providing an escape from daily life, it gives a powerful mean of expressing one’s own capabilities.

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