Essay on The Importance of Growing Your Own Vegetables

Essay Topic:  The Importance of Growing Your Own Vegetables

There is a lot of difference between growing vegetables at your own garden farm and purchasing them from a vegetable market. At the commercial levels, vegetables are adulterated for storage purposes. A chemical dye, named Malachite Green is the most popular chemical added to vegetables to make them look green in appearance. Other chemical substances that are present in the vegetables are wax, calcium carbide, oxytocin saccharine, and copper sulphate. To avoid such adulteration in our food, we must practice home vegetable gardening.

Essay on The Importance of Growing Your Own Vegetables

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The process of growing vegetables at the comfort of your farm without any external influence, or chemicals such as pesticides, and insecticides. Have you ever experienced the joy of plucking that hot red fresh baby tomato from its stem to use in your kitchen? It is incomparable with any other thing. It is nature’s joy. Well, for many reasons we must grow vegetables on our own.

Homegrown vegetables are much cheaper and economical than those available in the vegetable market. It is affordable and chemical-free. We can avoid unhealthy eating habits by growing vegetables at home. We will be more encouraged to cook healthier food items.

Taking a view of the current lockdown situation prevailing all over the world due to the deadly Coronavirus, we must show some urgency to grow veggies at the comfort of our home. This habit will save you tons of money. Hence, it will reduce your grocery bills. You can either save that money or invest it in a more productive venture to earn more profits.

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Homegrown vegetables are tastier thcommercial farm vegetables. The frozen, canned or artificial veggies don’t have high nutrition content due to their storage procedure. At your farm, you can pluck the vegetables whenever you need them. You need not store them in huge numbers for future purposes. The harvesting process can be enjoyable.

People grow vegetables on their farms since historical times. At the time of World War 2, the economy faced a slowdown because the state invested more in the war and war soldiers than the citizens. So, the citizens decided to grow vegetables at home. They were referred to as ‘victory gardens’. It helped in reviving the economy and feed the hungry people.

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Since childhood, children can be taught this good habit of growing nutritious vegetables at home. They will be encouraged to unfollow unhealthy food items and follow a healthier lifestyle. Gardening also aids in accelerating physical growth in children. All the family members must show their involvement in the home garden. It will strengthen the bond of your family.

Homegrown vegetables are rich in nutritious components including antioxidants, folic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and phytochemicals. Gardening is interrelated to many things. You can pursue many fields such as farm photography, naturalist, botany and landscaping.

You can easily access vegetables at all times from your home garden. There won’t be restrictions regarding the timings, minimum quantity per vegetable,  higher cost, and bad weather. Even on a bad weather day, you can cook your favourite vegetables. The veggies available at the supermarket are stored through a harsh process. The time between harvesting and consumption is so long that not even 10% of the essential nutrients of that specific vegetable is consumed by us. Therefore, it results in compromised results.

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The vitamin content is highest in the vegetable when it is consumed fresh. Less amount of harmful chemical will get inside our body. Thus, our body will stay healthy. Home gardening improves mental health by soothing our mind. It gives positive vibes and we are relieved of the unnecessary daily stress and tension. It is scientifically proven that on average, gardening burns 400 calories per hour. The green environment and fresh surrounding refresh our mood and enlighten our spirit. We will be healthier and happier.

Gardening heals us emotionally. Beautiful colours please our eyes. It is a good pastime activity. It helps to develop patience level. You can grow many vegetables at your farm namely, tomato, bell peppers, cauliflower, ladyfingers, brinjal, peas, coriander, spinach, radish, potatoes, mints, beans, garlic, pumping and bitter gourd.

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Home gardening improves the quality of the soil. The farm veggies are more sustainable and contribute less towards soil and water pollution. Vegetables grown in the home garden are safe for human consumption. Air quality both inside and outside your home will get improved. The oxygen level gets accelerated as the plants release oxygen and consume carbon dioxide. The number of carbon footprints gets reduced. Thus, we can save the time, energy and resources of ourselves as well as of our nation.

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