Essay on how coronavirus affect your life

Essay Topic: How coronavirus affect your life 


It’s been more than one year since we have been battling the coronavirus. No doubt, its impact has been huge on various aspects of our life. Whether it’s the lifestyle or career, the ups and downs have been encountered by all humanity.

Some people consider this as a much-needed experience while most of the people have been severely affected by this change and they abhor the pandemic for its extreme repercussions.

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Essay on how coronavirus affect your life

In what way has it changed our life? Positive or negative?

In my opinion, both ways! Let’s delve deep into this and see which side outweighs the other!

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Positive impacts:

Better Family Relations:

Before the pandemic happened, many young people were staying alone, away from their hometowns, to pursue their studies or career. Coronavirus led the companies to allow their employees to work from home. Educational institutions also changed the course of study and arranged online classes for the students. Because of this change, many families got adequate time to spend with their loved ones.

It has been observed that relations within families are getting better. The lack of emotional bondings has been replaced by healthy relationships as family members are surviving this hard time together. Moreover, many young people are cherishing the love and affection bestowed upon them by their family members and that is encouraging them to understand the value of families.

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Healthy Lifestyle:

Many surveys have shown that pandemic has made many people inclined towards their health. Now, individuals are more cautious about their health and they take every precaution to shield themselves. Coronavirus impacted people with weak immunity and this fact made people aware of the benefits of better immunity. Now, people have been observed taking all the measures that can help them to build their immunity.

According to a survey, the percentage of people who joined the gym increased as compared to the previous times. Healthy food has got a lot of preference and the eating habits of people have changed dramatically. People are more vigilant towards their well-being than anything else now. Coronavirus has been an eye-opener for many in terms of their health.



Many budding entrepreneurs paved their way towards success during the crisis. Now, many people enjoy working for themselves instead of working under others’ authority.

Covid-19 came with a wave of laying off in the job market and employees who were affected worst by this had to look their ways out and started the journey of entrepreneurship. Many people followed their passion and are setting a strong foundation for their future.

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Negative Effects:

Mental stress:

The one negative aspect of the pandemic is stress and anxiety. The consequences that the pandemic bought were dire for many people in terms of their careers and businesses. Many people faced losses in businesses and had to give up on it. The media reported many suicides too as people were not able to cope with the stress that covid-19 inflicted upon them. Even after one year of the pandemic, people are struggling to make up for the financial loss they experienced. Although the comeback won’t be much tough, the wounds would take time to heal.


Social Life:

Now more than ever, people are scared to have any kind of physical contact with others. In India, where people like to share moments by organizing parties and get-togethers, the trend of taking part in social events has declined here.

This is affecting people’s social life badly. Studies have suggested that less socialization leads to a sense of negativeness in an individual.


A surge in divorce rate:

Although in many instances, coronavirus has been proved an advantage for family relations, some incidents reported the opposite data. There has been a surge in divorce cases. Work from home trend has proven to be a boon for many couples however, some couples show a different tendency. When a couple was asked about it, they mentioned the less tolerance power is the reason for the separation.


Children and social media :

Children’s diversion towards entertainment apps has not been much fruitful for their parents.

Sadly, children are enjoying applications like Netflix and Hotstar more than their books. There is no denying the fact that entertainment is important for them, but the problem arises when it is done at the cost of their academic performance. A big segment of parents accepted that they are worried about their offsprings’ addiction to these amusement resources.



Sanity is very important and should be practiced by all in every kind of hard situation. In my opinion, people should be made aware of the significance of harmony in their life. People should try to focus on things within their control and accept that situations are unpredictable and eventually everything will get better.

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