Essay on experience of online classes

Essay Topic: Experience of online classes

Covid has completely changed the way every industry works. All around the world, various new ways have been adopted to keep the work progressing. The same scenario has been observed in the arena of education where online classes are in trend as compared to physical classes. This change has been welcomed by the students and the teachers, either reluctantly or willingly. Along with the change in the way people get taught nowadays, this experience has been a game changer for many industries associated with education.

When some students were asked about their experience regarding this change, their reply included both – positive and negative outlook. Let us have a look on both sides:

Essay on experience of online classes

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Independent learning with less stringency:

Although teachers are present to assist the students during the entire session, students feel more liberal as they are not being supervised constantly. Classroom studies are known for strict instructions to perform certain activities. This does not mean that the supervision of teachers does not serve any purpose. While studying in classrooms, students are inculcated discipline but along with this, they feel deprived of the feeling of independence.

No doubt, while being present in the classroom, a student has to constantly look vibrant even though he feels exhausted. Sitting down on the benches for nearly six hours a day is certainly not a piece of cake. However, online classes provide the learners a relaxed learning environment. For example, if they feel bored, they can move and loiter around. Apart from this, students can complete their class assignments at their own pace. Although the constant interaction with the teachers has been reduced, students are  learning by their own ways to study. For instance, if any individual does not understand any concept,he can open the textbook and read the chapter and can gradually learn the concept with the help of his own understanding. This approach promotes independent learning and pushes a student to brainstorm in place of spoon feeding.

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Other upsides of online classes stated by various learners:

  • According to most students, they don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of the whole classroom. However, this trend has helped them to interact with their trainers in a comfortable manner. Even teachers also feel that communicating their ideas clearly and providing  feedback while portraying a professional image are an upside to a virtual classroom.
  • Online classes provide convenience of focus on the teacher. Many pupils also labelled the mute button as a saviour. According to them, mute button allows them to listen to the tutor clearly. In classroom learning, this facility lacks.
  • The cost of travelling and a lot of valuable time that is mostly wasted in the traffic jams is now being well-utilised due to the advent of online teaching.
  • Although it can be challenging at first, once you get used to the format, there are more advantages to realise than disadvantages.

Nonetheless, some learners as well as teachers asserted about their negative experiences more than about the good ones.

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Less motivation_ more distraction

The fact is, changes are always accompanied by new challenges that call for many adjustments. According to some students, an arduous task for them is, gathering the motivation to attend the classes.When it comes to staring at the same four walls of your room and following the same schedule and timetable, commencing the class becomes the  hardest part for them. Classroom studies require discipline whereas ,maintaining that same level of decorum while getting distracted at home with the entire family is certainly not easy. Moreover,the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has been taking a toll on the focus of the students. Therefore, motivation and morale have all the reasons to get lower.

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Few other comments on the negative experiences:

  • A feeling of loneliness is one of the many adverse impacts that occurs due to the lack of communication among online students. A majority of students say that the proximity with fellow students is missed. They feel that the interaction with their peers creates emotional ties between the children and this bliss is being missed by some outgoing students terribly.
  • Online classes cause some obvious health problems such as strain on the eyes and nerves.
  • Bad network issues become a hindrance in the way of imparting knowledge especially in rural areas.
  • The lack of quality assurance in online education is another factor that has been experienced by many pupils. Online evaluation is also a complex procedure for many teachers.

All in all, as every coin has two sides, online study also bears both positive as well as negative  aspects. However, the truth is, in this unprecedented time, online education is the nothing but a blessing for the education sector.

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