Essay on We Love Breaking the Rules

Essay Topic: We Love To Break the Rules

It is a fact that we, humans love to break rules. Before proceeding further, let us understand what exactly the rules are! According to the Collins dictionary, rules are the pre-defined set of instructions that people must and mustn’t do. It can be in both positive and negative affirmation. Rules are the prescribed code and conduct formulated by a specific organisation. Rules are also used with exchangeable words such as regulations, laws, customs, procedure or habit.

Essay on We Love Breaking the Rules

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Humans have a tendency of going against orders. We don’t like restrictions placed being placed on ourselves. Since childhood, we are attracted to things or chores which we are told not to do. For example- playing with your mother’s makeup, trying to cook in the kitchen, tampering with your father’s office documents, breaking the expensive items of your house, secretly applying lipstick and many other innocent acts.

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Rules are set for the proper functioning of the institution, organisation or company. We are bound by the rules everywhere including home, school, college, office, monuments, hotel, hostels, restaurants, cafes, beaches, movie theatre, public places, departmental stores, and even community parks. Breaking rules solely depends on its objective.

Seldom, we break rules just for the sake of fun. This is acceptable if we practice this habit of rule-breaking sometimes. On a regular and long basis, it is not advisable to break rules. Breaking rules is valid when we have to prove our point. But, the main condition of it is that our point must be solid and true. For instance, during the freedom movement, Mahatma Gandhi broke the salt law made by the British administration. At that time, there a law stating that the salt will be manufactured commercially and was taxable. It is an unjust law for the Indians. Gandhiji along with several others launched the Salt Satyagraha or the Dandi March from his ashram at Sabarmati. He picked up the salt from the bank of the river. Hence, broke it for the betterment of Indians.

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Various nations would have been unable to attain their goal of freedom and democracy if they would’ve followed the rules of rulers. People broke rules, stood for themselves, asked for their freedom. Hence, it was granted and peace prevailed. One must have the inner courage to break rules. Whenever you support a fair and reasonable cause, then rules breaking is justified.

You must be acquainted with the rules of breaking rules. Yes, you read it right! There are some rules of not following rules. They include,  the act of rule-breaking must not harm innocent people; it must be done for a justified and noble cause; rule-breaking shouldn’t hurt the sentiments of the people belonging to other communities; the public order shouldn’t be disturbed, and humanity must be considered.

We have to be humane about breaking rules. We cannot go about breaking the rule of murder because that will be an inhumane and wild act. Blindly following the rules makes our personality dull. It restricts our self-development. Rules mustn’t hamper personal growth. People must be allowed to think diversely and creatively. However, rules are very beneficial for society.

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If an organisation or a firm has some set of traditional rules which doesn’t allow its employees and the organisation to grow, then these rules must be discarded. Rules must be designed such that they benefit the employee, the boss, and even the customers.

Rules have the basic characteristic of being inflexible. A single rule may be incompatible to deal with different situations. It might be wrong or outdated to deal with the diverse case. Then, we can break it under certain circumstances. Rules are not physical barriers. They are mental barriers or bondage. It tames the human mind to behave according to the set convention. Mostly, the rules are guidelines.

Breaking a rule helps to gather other points of views. You can see things from a different wide-ranged angle. Rigid rules can bring misery and restlessness among the people. Some rules need to follow as they maintain the necessary discipline, peace and order in the society. Always follow the good and optimistic rules. Always break the detrimental, pessimistic and negative rules. We must break the rules which are impractical, and downright insensible.

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We must be fully aware of the consequences of breaking rules. Analyse the impact of punishment before breaking a rule. You must mentally, emotionally, or in some cases physically prepare for the consequences. Be alert and conscious about your actions. Own them and never turn away from them.

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