Essay on We Live in The Age of Science

Essay Topic: We Live in The Age of Science

We live in the 21st century where anything is possible with the help of science. Here, nothing is impossible, all the credit goes to science. That is why this era is popularly called ‘the age of science’. Whether science is a boon or a bane depends on its usage. We are surrounded by many scientific advancements. It includes a wide range of wonderful items such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi connections, refrigerators, air conditioner, the latest television sets, brand new cars, electricity, water purifier, mobile charger, and even the quake-proof architectural design of our houses.

Essay on We Live in The Age of Science

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In some case, humans made science its servant. In other cases, science and technological advancements made human beings its servant, and it itself became the master. We are exquisitely dependable on science. It has made our life much easier. It plays a key role in shaping the life of mankind. Through the advancement of science and technology, we have been able to realise mere ideas into executional realities.

Currently, we are not utilising science to its full potential. Absolute utilisation of science will lead to a golden era of science. Science made our life easier and also for future generations. Science replaced the hand-driven carts, handwritten letters, manual workers of the factory, office administrators, call centre workers. Science has replaced the drivers. Now, we can book cabs with automatic transmission signals. They will be operated from their respective office. According to a new scientific innovation made by the Republic of China, an artificial sun has been created by them. It will cater to the energy needs of the huge population.

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Let’s take a recent example of the Coronavirus pandemic. The governments of all nations have successfully developed a vaccination that is suitable for their citizens. Without science, it wouldn’t have been possible to research and design the vaccine. Hence, science is saving the lives of billions of people around the world.

The technology of bullet train is helping people in saving their time and money. Earlier, people used to spend a lot of time travelling for jobs and other purposes. Now, the scenario is completely different. Along with faster speed, science made travelling efficient. One of the greatest gift of science is electricity. Science made our life comfortable. We cannot imagine surviving without our luxury resources.

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Science has made excellent progress in the field of medicine. Today, we can treat life-threatening diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, polio, etc. There is no need to go through the painfully long hours of surgical operation. Tumours can be treated with the help of laser light. Science is contributing to innovation. Open heart surgery, heart transplantation, open brain surgery, kidney transplantation and eye surgery are some of the magical achievements of science.

With the help of science, many countries strengthened their defence system. Less number of soldiers are recruited in the defence sector, now. Missiles, submarine, nuclear weapons, guns, and weapons of mass destruction have taken their place. It gives a sense of satisfaction to the respective countries in terms of their internal and external security.

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Science advanced agriculture. The invention of fertilizer, irrigation techniques, crops growing pattern, insecticides, and pesticides resulted in better crops yield per hectare at farms. Multinational food chains such as Burger King, McDonald’s, and Domino’s made science the foundation stone of their business models. The automatic and mechanised supply chain management system is the reason for the success of these ventures.

Science is making mankind more civilized. Infrastructural innovations of science can’t be ignored. Humans created complex architectural models such as dams on the river, bridges upon the river, towers to hold flyover inside the river, and highways cutting through difficult terrains. Science is making us unravel new unseen unheard things on a day-to-day basis. It made the gap between space and time shorter.

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Through the advancement of science, humans and even animals have been able to visit planets other than Earth including Mars, Saturn (Titan, the moon of Saturn), Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Humans went to the other side of the moon. It gave us a more clear picture of the evolution of our Milky Way galaxy, our planet Earth, and the whole Universe. We discovered water on Mars. It means that humans found another where life is possible.

It is not that we use science and technology, rather we live science. Science is a beautiful gift of humans to humans. It is making our beautiful and easier. We must judiciously utilise it. Science shouldn’t be used for evil purposes. We must remember the fact that if science is saving us, it also holds an extreme power to destroy us. Science can wipe the trace of entire mankind from this planet Earth if it falls into wrong hands.

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