Essay on vaccine of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Essay Topic: Vaccine for covid 19


In today’s scenario, the coronavirus outbreak that was originated in China has led the whole world into a distressing situation. Not only did it take a toll on the economy of a country but it also did make the people victims of monotony as they were not able to go out, either for their work or for recreational activities. Although, lately the situation (in terms of going out) has improved as people are allowed to leave their house by taking some precautions such as wearing masks and using other safety measures.  The front-line workers such as police, doctors, essential goods traders have been proactive and doing a remarkable job. Even though the efficacy of the laws implemented by the government is making much headway, the number of affected people is still on the rise.

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essay on vaccine of coronavirus (COVID-19)

In the battle against COVID-19, the approved vaccines have been distributed to many parts of the world. Independent feedback on the efficacy and safety evidence has been taken from various individuals before letting the vaccine reach the general public.

Some questions regarding the vaccine popping up in people’s minds!

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Is the vaccine safe?

There is no doubt about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. Many researchers have concluded that the danger of deadly coronavirus is reduced by the protection the vaccine offers. Moreover, every reaction of the vaccine on each individual is being monitored and till now, no incident about the significant adverse reaction has been reported in any country.

Nonetheless, a small portion of people has experienced some trivial reactions after getting vaccinated. For example, injection-site pain, fatigue, and headache. These symptoms are the result of the RNA these vaccines deliver into the human body as they include bits of the code of coronavirus proteins. The human body has to mount a response against this protein and in the process, the feeling of fatigue happens for just a while.

Does it ensure long-term protection?

As the vaccine has recently been developed, the questions about its long-term positive results are yet to be answered by the researchers. However, it provides an immune system that allows you to stay free from the risk of reinfection from the virus for quite some time. Moreover, to know about the duration of the effect, the people who are vaccinated will be followed for 1 year for the clinical trials so that data can be obtained about the span of resilience against the virus.

Will the vaccine stop the pandemic immediately after getting distributed to all?

Well, how long the pandemic will last depends on various circumstances. The precautions taken by people are the major contributing factor before we consider the practicality of the vaccines. Other factors that determine the end of the pandemic are: how swiftly vaccines get manufactured, approved, and released for the public. We should not forget that people have different immunity systems that respond differently to the vaccine. Therefore this question needs a patient observation of the results.

Types of Covid-19 Vaccine

The vaccine for covid-19 vaccines is produced to prepare the body’s resilience system to recognize and stop the particular virus that generates COVID-19. The world over, many researchers are making protein bases solutions for COVID-19.

Vaccine Types:

  • Protein-based vaccines: These vaccines use absolutely harmless particles of proteins that imitate the COVID-19 virus to generate an immune response.
  • Weakened or Inactivated virus vaccines: This type of vaccine utilizes an inactivated form of the virus. This weakened fragment of the virus tends to generate an immune response in the body and prepares it to fight against the virus.
  • RNA and DNA vaccines: In contrast to other vaccines, genetic vaccines comprise of DNA (as plasmids) or RNA (as mRNA) taken up by cells and turned into protein. It is the safest approach that prompts an immune system.
  • Viral vector vaccines: This vaccine uses a virus that cannot trigger any disease. It just produces coronavirus proteins to initiate an immune response.

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Above all the vaccine is the only accessible solution the world has right now. As various reports show the wastage of the vaccine, the authorities are emphasizing that not a single dose should be wasted by referring to it as “the right of each person”.

Also, this medicine is undergoing excessive monitoring due to its elixir-like value. More and more updates are coming on different reactions and updations in the way it is being manufactured and delivered.

A vaccine should be highly immunogenic, safe, genetically stable, and inexpensive to produce. We are happy to inform you that the vaccine for corona is made by taking care of all these factors.


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