Essay on Use Of Technology In Education

Essay Topic: Use Of Technology In Education: How Significant Is This?


Education has developed a lot with time and advancement in technology and other streams. From the quality of books and education in schools and colleges, the quality of learning has also taken diverse turns. Now that we see that technology is being seen as a huge way to even better education for future generations, here are some benefits we can discuss the same.

It is visible how technology is taking its place in almost all sorts of fields we work in today. So it is obvious that technology can take an important step toward enhancing the quality of education among students from now onwards. So let us discuss some of the benefits of using technology in education. Here we go:

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Essay on Use Of Technology In Education

  1. Demand from teachers and students: When it is about students, we know how the new generation is able to grasp technology so quickly. Using technological advancement will be a boon for them as they will be studying in far better and more understandable ways now. Also, teachers are going to find it really helpful to make the students understand what they expect them to understand.
  2. Match the world: Students who will now appear in schools and colleges cannot compete unless they have a required grasp over technology. As we can see, even the online exams we give in different fields need us to know how to work freely on a computer. Students need to have a basic knowledge of technology so that they are prepared to face the world and are a match for the same.
  3. Learning in new ways and as per your abilities: Technology opens up to a vast area of methods to study. One with lesser capabilities can make use of a particular way to learn what he or she could not learn with traditional ways. There is so much more we can now do with technological assistance in studies throughout the world. Students get both, new ways to study and understand concepts and time to get those at their own pace.
  4. Breaking limitations: Technology includes the internet as well and we know that very well as we use it every day. With better equipment, children and teenagers now have access to that vast pool of information and knowledge. When they use it in the right manner, it can be truly a boon for them. The Internet has a whole world out there for them to discover and to dream about. This can open the doors to new levels of achievements for the students in further generations.
  5. Better for the relationship between students and teachers: As said, teachers can find the technology useful in making children understand certain things in an easier way. It will be quicker and it will be simpler. Their relationships can be better so as to help students grow with a better level of understanding. While teachers are the only guardians in educational institutions, it is important to have such bonds that have strength and faith.

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Using technology in the right direction

We have studied several benefits of using technology for education among the new generations. But we also need to be careful about its other side. Technology needs to be used carefully and not carelessly. It will be a boon when used in the right direction. This responsibility goes to teachers and parents along with the rule-makers to keep it safe for children to make use of technology. Only then will it be able to bring more construction rather than more destruction.

Using it appropriately is important at all levels of education, whether it is primary or secondary. Students have sensitive minds that need good education and not things that their minds are not ready for.

However, we are aware of the fact that technology can work immensely for the benefit of these children. In fact, it can be great for those who may otherwise have no scope for a good future. Coronavirus times have given us several lessons. This is one of those only, showing how technology helped students reach out knowledge even during lockdown times.

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Technology has been advantageous in almost all streams of life, whether it be health or advancement. Using it for educations is also expected to bring results we cannot completely imagine in the present. Technology holds the capacity to help even bring changes that were never thought of. So let us see how it takes its place in the world of education and how it transforms the ways of educations in different parts of the world.

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