Essay on use of polythene bags should be banned

Essay Topic: Use of polythene bags should be banned 


Right now if you look around, how many plastic materials can you see? I bet the count will be sufficient enough to know the integrity of plastic in our life.

Plastic is ubiquitous and the material made from plastic is pervasive in society in terms of daily use. Its usage is just not limited to daily life, plastic is also utilized in advanced medical equipment, the pharma industry, and even in the clothing industry. Due to its multi-purpose uses, it has been really arduous for the authorities to rule out plastic materials from markets.

But the sad reality is, it is doing more harm than good. What is worse, even being aware of this fact, people are not able to abandon it completely. It is a man-made disaster that is faced by the contemporary era.

Essay on use of polythene bags should be banned


Why should plastic bags be restricted?


  1. Plastic is produced by non-renewable resources:

Non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels, natural gas, and coal are the resources that are extremely beneficial for human life in many aspects. Unfortunately, these resources cannot be restored with the pace at which they are consumed.

But when plastic bags that are made of polythene, an element that is extracted by processing natural gas and refining crude oil, these resources vanish expeditiously.


  1. A non-biodegradable resource:

Some plastic material is composed of resistant synthetic polymers which are when decomposed, do not get degraded for at least 1000 years. It affects the fertilization of the soil. Plastic turns into small fragments that end up in the water bodies. Subsequently, they are consumed by aquatic animals.

When marine life consumes plastic, their survival becomes very hard. Following the food chain, when human eat fish or any aquatic organism, those small particles of plastic gets transferred to the human body which leads to extremely dangerous diseases.


  1. Difficult to recycle:

Plastic bag recycling is a complex process that needs specialized equipment. Basically,  plastic needs to broken down and molded into a new form. Due to the high cost involved in the procedure,  most municipalities feel reluctant to carry on the process.

The other issue regarding plastic bag recycling is the intense labor work involved in it. Plastic needs to be made suitable for recycling and the dirty bags required to be cleaned to be allowed in the machine.

  1. One of the biggest pollutants:

Plastic bags are used excessively. You go to buy grocery and the shopkeeper hands you the stuff in the plastic bag. Have you ever noticed how many unnecessary plastic bags you have collected in your house? If yes, then you must have also seen the plastic litter on the streets too!

As these small bags are lightweight, they get easily picked up by the air and get blown away to long distances and pollute nature.

For instance, In some areas, plastic bag littering has led to some grave problems. A large amount of plastic gets discarded in the water which clogs water sewers and drainage channels. During the monsoon rains, streets can be seen turning into rivers as the water cannot transfer through clogged sewerage systems.

Small steps_ big contribution:

What would be a wise decision then? Banning plastic completely?

Is it feasible?

Many times some strict restrictions have been implemented by the authorities, but plastic always manages to make its comeback due to its dominance over human life.

Then what can be a doable scenario?

  1. By limiting the use of plastic and diverting towards alternatives can solve the issue to a large extent. Eco-friendly products should be readily available to the public so that they do not miss plastic in their life. Here, reusable jute and cloth bags can act as the best choice against plastic bags.
  2. Instead of bringing more and more plastic bags, we must reuse the plastic bag that we already have in our homes. A small step like not throwing those existing ones away will be a great contribution to the environment.
  3. Awareness should be spread among people regarding the harmful and disastrous effects of plastic bags. This can be done through social media or by word of mouth.


To eradicate polythene, some people burn it. Burning plastic exerts a plethora of  hazardous gases such as  carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide etcetera that directly lead to air pollution

By continuously using plastic for decades, we have done enough harm to our environment that cannot be reversed. It is a hard truth that the repercussions of past actions will show their effects even In the next few decades. But this should not refrain us from taking a positive step for the good of our nature. Banning plastic will be a big step towards the restoration of the deteriorated environment.

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