Essay on Use Of Mobile Phones By Students

Essay Topic: Use Of Mobile Phones By Students

Mobile phone is a medium for the assertion of its own identity and autonomy. This famous quote given by Srinivasan perfectly outlines the usefulness of mobile phones. Phones are the most interesting, versatile and convenient device  of  Information  and Communication  Technology (ICT).  In the 21st century, mobile phones are as important to human beings as oxygen. Every age groups of persons use it – kids, teenagers, young adults, middle aged, senior citizens. The easy to understand user interface of the mobile phones allows everyone to use it. It’s use is increasing among the age group of students also. They are utilising phones for various productive ways.

Essay on Use Of Mobile Phones By Students

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In the early 2020, the world got hit by century’s greatest pandemic – COVID19. As the slowdown measures, various lockdowns and restrictions were introduced by the governments of country worldwide. But education cannot be restricted or paused. It has to continuous. It was at this time, the smart phones and information technology acted like a magical wand for the students. The usefulness of mobile phones got aggravated to a certain height.

Students use mobile phones to make their studies, homework, project, assessment and activities easily solvable and convenient. They are able to achieve time management and do a lot of constructive activities. With the help of mobiles, now students don’t need to spend long endless hours in solving a question. They can use any educational websites available on search engines of mobile phones for solving their queries and doubts. This way students are able to achieve deadlines. Now, education is fun. It is better than before. The emerging technology of smart classes is beneficial for students. They can learn education related content from the comfort of their mobile phones by diagrams, charts, educational vedios. According to a recent research of UNESCO on “the impact of mobile phones on students”, mobile learning  also known as M-Learning is  contributing to improved educational outcomes in the developing countries of Asia.

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Mobile phones often called the smart phones, have various features. Students can use it for calling their teachers for asking doubts, attend online classes and attend workshops via vedio conferencing, search information on search engines, play educational games, manage time table with the use of alarm application, use calculator for maths problem, and many more uses.

Mobile phones have increased the productivity and efficiency of the students. Earlier, students calculated manually which obviously was prone to error. Now with the use of calculator application, mathematics problems are a piece of cake for students. Students can manage their time table by setting alarms on phone. This way they will be able to inculcate discipline in their lives. With the studies getting completed in quicker time durations, students can give more time to physical activities. Hence, they can achieve fitness.

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Parents can also track their children with the help of location tracking application in the mobile phones. Students will remain safe and secure in a certain way. When outside their houses, they can communicate with the parents or police to inform about any emergency situation. It helps to keep connected and well informed. Students can improve their analytical skills, will and intellect by playing games, quiz and puzzles on phones. They can also make digital notes which will save a lot of time and can revise it whenever free or while traveling. They can improve their knowledge by participating in various programmes and reading current affairs from newspaper. They can even install and read e-books if they don’t have hardcopy of the book with them. Students can avoid books as tree have to be cut down for production of pages. They should adopt the habit of reading online. In this digital era, bills and recharges are done online. Students can help their parents with doing recharges, bill payments, ordering online groceries, telling food recipes, etc.  Mobile phones also have entertainment applications. All the movies, series, favourite sports matches are just a click away. Students can download them for their entertainment purposes, provided parental control must be there as the internet is not a safe place.

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Students need to be protected from various cyber and technology related crimes. The bright blue light kf the smart phones can affect the cornea of their eyes badly. It can cause eye deficiency. Excessive use of phones can cause sleeplessness and various health related problems among students. Students need to alert with sending their personal information on the websites and webpages. Therefore, the responsibility of keeping students safe from malicious elements on the internet lies on the shoulders of parents, school authorities and even on the students themselves.


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