Essay on Triple Talaq

Essay Topic: Triple Talaq

Have you heard about the word” Triple Talaq”? Talaq is an arabic word that means divorce. When we talk about Triple Talaq- it is defined as an instant and irreversible divorce. This practice is common in Islamic Divorce procedure.

Essay on Triple Talaq

People who follow Islam from different regions often practice this type of divorce. To the ones, who are not aware of the process here is the information. A muslim husband gives divorce to his wife by uttering Talaq word thrice in one go. Talaq, Talaq and Talaq- but all should go in one go. If it is done, the marriage is voided on the immediate basis. The words can be either communicated orally or written in any form. It stands eligible for the voiding of marriage. It has been noticed that sending the Talaq over whatsapp, message, mail or letter is also a common  practice. As soon as the message- verbally or written reaches the wife, the marriage is subjected to be voided at the first place.

Throwback to the roots of this process- History of establishing Triple Talaq

It is almost a 1300 year old practice among Muslims. The ratio of talaq is quite high and pretty disturbing. Even in India, it has impacted almost 8% of Indian women population. To a quite surprise, the women above 60 are most likely to be impacted. The law falls under the Personal law by Indian Muslims and is practiced under Sharia Law. It is also known as Islamic Law.

The figures are disturbing and depicts how it hampers the normal living of an individual. For those who suffered and faced this triple talaq must be knowing the depth of pain and sufferings that comes with the practice of this irreversible divorce. No one gets the chance to ask : Why “ from her spouse too.

It is quite disturbing and sad to know!

The Triple Talaq Bill

And the time came! Lately, people have started to come ahead and make an objection against the practice of Triple Talaq. In proper terms, it was observed that it depicts nothing but a complete male dominance over the women. It completely goes against the fundamental rights and equality among Women’s empowerment. And generally among the Muslim women population of the country.

The process and the method that goes to have this divorce is not meant to offer a chance for women to keep her point. This clearly goes against the principles of gender equality, secularism and many more. It questions the dignity of women, justice and the basic human rights. One should go ahead with humanity and should think about secularism. It puts the question on the dignity of the Muslim women in the country. We can’t take the human rights of women. To make sure it is not done more, India as a nation has started.

In 2017, Muslim women started raising their voice about the concerns to get abolished the Triple Talaq. With so many voices raising out of concern, the Central Government came into action. They started finding the relevant and immediate solution to address the problems of such women.

It has been decided by the honourable Supreme Court of India that these practices are unconstitutional and need to be stopped on immediate basis.

Passing of Triple Talaq Bill

The atrocities faced by Indian women and then the judgment offered by the Supreme Court- make it possible to launch the Triple Talaq Bill. It was passed to void the practices of this custom. It was passed by July, 2019.

Moving ahead it became a law that from 1 August, 2019- Triple Talaq divorce given in any verbal, oral or written and digital form demms to get void. It is completely illegal to practice it. There is a provision to offer a non-bailable warrant to the person or the family who is still practicing it.



We all have a fundamental right to get respected. By abolishing this Triple Talaq Bill, the government has made sure that there will be no humiliation or suffering from any one. Even the muslim women will not face any sort of discrimination or injustice.

However, many people start coming out telling that one should not discontinue this practice and it is completely fine and other things. But that is not at all acceptable in our country-India from now onwards.


Our verdict

Every individual has the right to get respected. And this passing of Bill helps in living with this fundamental right to the women of muslim community of our country.

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