Essay on the new agriculture bill 2020 (Farmer’s Bill)

Essay Topic: The new agriculture bill 2020

India is predominantly an agriculture-based company. With approximately, more than 70% of the population dependent upon agriculture, any change in the normalcy of the profession impacts the whole nation. Talking in detail about the concept of Farmer Bill launched in 2020,  here is a sneak peak about what the bill is all about and why it has become the topic for national debate.

We will be discussing the vision of the bill as proposed by the Government of India as well as explain the point of view of the majority of farmers.

We will try to cover all the points and make a proper framework about the timeline of the events that the whole nation had witnessed on the pretext of launching the  agriculture bill.

Essay on the new agriculture bill 2020 (Farmer’s Bill)

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Farm bill 2020

Farm bill also known as agriculture bill 2020 is a collateral combination of three bills that have been passed in the Parliament recently. The three bills are: Farmers Produce and Commerce Bill 2020, Farmers agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Service Bill 2020 and Essential Commodities Bill 2020. All these bills have been the source of big  structural changes in the agriculture sector. These bills will encourage the corporate investment in the agricultural ecosystem and will help the farmers to step one step ahead in the profit share with agriculture as a profession.

Potential benefits of Farmer Bill 2020 to the Farmers of India

As suggested by the Government of India, the Farm Bill 2020 will envisage the path for the farmers. This would serve as an alternative platform to sell their products to anyone at anyplace. The location restrictions will be ruled out and it will give you the chance to market and sell your products to the broader spectrum of audiences.

There will not be any joining fee for these APMC platforms and it will be a win-win situation for all. However, there will be no annihilation of current MSP based procurement of food grains with the launch of this Farm Bill 2020. This is an added advantage that can let other opportunities be explored in the market.

Before this bill, the farmers were limited to the demographic location and to a specific set of customers only. But while they shift to this global platform, the reach will widen and the scope will potentially grow in the market.

Why does the Government wish to launch this Farm Bill 2020?

There are certain reasons that explain why the Government of India is introducing these farm bills. The main reason is to transform the agriculture sector completely. The step is entirely taken to ensure that the agriculture sector gets boosted. It is expected that in the coming times this will help in doubling the farmers bill to a great extent. It will eventually help in offering the better pricing structure to the farmers. However, it is expected that this step will be equally benefited to the corporate sector too. But if you think about it for a longer period of time, it will be a win-win situation to both farmers as well as the corporates. The bill will open many doors for the farmers to sell their products in the open market. They can also set a fixed price for the products by their own. It is expected that it will help in bringing much growth to the agriculture sector of India.

Though on the other side, it has been seen that Farmers are against this bill. There are certain fears that are instilled in the mind of farmers. They thought that in the coming times, these corporate names might overpower their share in the market. The essential commodities ordinance might exploit the rights of farmers. The amendment might not be in the favour of the people.

These are a few of fears that have made people think about the actual motive of the farmer bill 2020.

Current Situation

There is an on-going disagreement between the Government of India and the farmers. This has resulted in the big revolt in the nation. You might have heard about the various agendas addressed by the people for the same.

This can bring major changes in the current scenario of the nation. It has impacted the economical, social and mental health of the nation.

Our take

We have been seeing the opposition, the proposal and the motive. As a third party, we believe that a healthy discussion over the same can bring fruitful decisions. Together the nation can achieve better heights.

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