Essay on Surgical Strike

Essay Topic: Surgical Strike

Surgical Strike- an event we are proud of as an Indian. Few years back, India made headlines once again in the world. It was in late September, when the armed forces of the nation carried out surgical strikes on the militants. It happened in the de-facto border in the disputed Kashmir.

It was a bounce back impact of what happened months ago in Pulwama. There were certain tensions that spiked between the India and Pakistan border but it was something that needs to be done.

Though the opposition- Pakistan called it an illusion and denied with any such strike being happened at their place. But the world itself knew the truth.

Many middle agencies say that as there is no such evidence based report for the claims of both the countries- the truth remained in between somewhere. Some who are blindfolded in the faith of Pakistan, believed at that time that India as a nation should produce some surgical evidence in front of the world. Ironically, the operations that are being conducted by the Army are confidential and need not to disclose it in front of the world. Let us know in detail about what actually happened on that day.

Essay on Surgical Strike

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Events that occurred on that day

On 21st of September, India handed over a protest letter to Pakistan High Commissioner stating the foul play and involvement of Pakistan in Pulwama attack. After getting no responsible reply from Pakistan, India decided to go for the surgical strike. It was conducted in Bhimber, Hotspring, Kel and Lipa sectors. As per Indian army statement, 7 military launch pads, 38 terrorists and 2 Pakistani soldiers were killed and destroyed by the Indian army.

To make this possible, the army forces walked around 1 to 3 km to reach the terrorist bases. It was a combined impact and collaboration between the government, intelligence agencies of the nation and the security forces of the country.

It happened because the nation stands strong together and makes it easy for the army to take the prompt actions. This helped to give answers to the people who had only one religion- terrorism. We wanted to revert back to that sick mentality.

What were the major after effects of surgical strike?

Once the surgical strike happened, many rounds of heated discussion started taking place on the political grounds. On the one hand, Pakistan took a stand that no such surgical strike happened on their land. Whereas one the other hand, the Modi Government stood strong with the claims that the attack had happened and the destruction of terrorists camps had been done.

To support the statement, neighbouring countries such as Germany and Japan supported India. Though there was no practical ground evidence that can prove either of the discussion but the fact remains the same, Why should India lie about any such incidence. And on the different side, Pakistan had all the reasons to deny and refute such claims. So, till today the truth remained unseen but all the genuine thinkers in this world knew it.

The role of nation

We sleep because our soldiers are taking care of our borders. Because of them, we are able to live a peaceful life. Surgical Strike has been one of the most planned strikes carried out by the nation. Our army took every special effort to ensure that we live a safe and peaceful life.

What the army does for us is invaluable. We can never repay them. It has been seen that they go through certain hardships to make sure we live a healthy and peaceful life in India. We owe a lot for them.

The Evidence

Army Reportedly ensured that the evidence of surgical strike was also present there using the recorded hand-held cameras and drones. The soldiers also took visual evidence of strike. The videos were shown that launchpads were destroyed. The footage was carefully analysed by the army and the intelligence sources. It helped in understanding the location and demographic position of the terror camps.  It says it all. This makes it clear why you need to believe that such incidents actually happened.


Surgical Strike has been one of the influential events in the nation. It has helped us to believe in the power of our nation. The Army has stood strong in front of such events and has made us put our trust once again on their eternal power.

As an Indian we are proud of our nation and will always be proud of !

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