Essay on role of computer in modern life

Essay Topic: Role of computer in modern life

Technology has bestowed humans with various remarkable inventions, computer is the pioneer of all, and is dominating the modern world. It serves people in all walks of their life as not only is it helpful for a small child who is entering in his world of  education , but it also serves well to the old people as they are seen to be using it for various purposes. However along with the benefits, every man-made discovery has its downsides too. Computers are a blessing for today’s contemporary world, only if these equipment are used in a prudent manner.

Essay on role of computer in modern life

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Let us talk about the prevalence of computers in the modern world. In the past, it was considered as a luxury item where only the elite used to possess it, however, in the contemporary era, this machinery is ubiquitous and can be found not only in our homes but also in our workplaces. People need computers to perform any intellectual and complicated task. For instance, from recording simple data to connecting with the whole world and making the world a global village, computers are serving the world well. Computers have their huge contribution in the lives of humans’. Many brilliant goals are achieved and unparalleled developments have been made with the help of computers. The breakthroughs that computers have brought to human lives are commendable. It is also predicted that in future, computers will be the priority for every person owing to its extraordinary efficiencies.

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Not a single sector is untouched with the tentacles of this astonishing device. Be it education, hospitality, health care, travel and tourism or IT sector, computers are pervasive. In this modern era, industries feel handicap without computers.  The obvious reason is that computers are able to make their employees more efficient and productive. Not only this, computers can perform extremely complex jobs in no time that too without the interference of humans.

The best thing about these modern devices is that the chances of making a mistake is negligible as computers are programmed in such a way that they just work according to the commands and work with accuracy. The truth is, humans can make mistakes but these highly efficient technologies cannot.

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Not only in the business world, are computers helpful for entertainment also. In this modern era where people are relying on computers for their professional work, they also look up to them when they need amusement. For example, if they need to play any game, computers are the first choice for them. Moreover, computers give them access to various social sites that let them connect with the whole world. By connecting their computer with the internet, with just one click they can find new and like-minded people and can make new friends from all over the world. Therefore, computers have been helpful in eradicating boredom and loneliness among people.

As far as research sectors are concerned, computers’ contribution cannot be overlooked. Various scientists are able to bring scientific revolutions and all thanks to computers. Computers are used in researching history, discovering rich knowledge and using that data to find amazing facts of the universe and all that is present in the space body.

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Along with the benefits, there is a concern of excess usage and dependency on computers. No doubt the complexity of the work has definitely been reduced by computers and productivity has been enhanced, but due to this invention, the need for manpower has also reduced which is a distressing situation for humans. A computer can work a hundred times faster than one hundred employees’ altogether. On the one side, it is a positive development, however, on the other side, less job opportunities are being created for people. We need to understand that some jobs require human intervention too.  For example: computers cannot play the role of a teacher in the class because a student may need to understand any concept with the help of logic that only a human mind can provide.

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Also, in some cases, computers are used unnecessarily and carelessly. For example, children and youngsters who are indulged in excess usage of computers are not paying any attention towards their physical activities. Sitting in front of computers for the whole day has become a very common practice for them. There is no denying the fact that computers are an extremely important and invaluable invention by humans but if it is not used wisely, it can prove a bane in lieu of blessing.

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