Essay on Pulwama Attack

Essay Topic: Pulwama Attack

 Pulwama Attack 2019: 2 years back, the nation woke up with the saddest  day. It was on 14 of February, 2019 when our country was shaken with the inhumanity. The terrorism had shown its ugliest face. 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CPRF)  personnels were martyred. It happened in Pulwama. This is why we remember that attack as the Pulwama attack.

The deadliest attack was planned by the terrorists with a straight motive of painting democracy with black ink. While writing this article, there is anger and pain in my words that itself explains what all we as Indians went through. And the pain is not healed yet. It will take time to digest that the world is full of inhuman souls who are trying to shake the grounds of humanity.

Essay on Pulwama Attack

The incident

It happened when a suicider bomber, Jaish rammed a vehicle carrying over almost 100 kg of explosives into the military bus. Inside the bus, there were 40 innocent Central Reserve Police Force personnels who were travelling to their postings. The bus was in the Pulwama district at that time. This is why the attack is also called Pulwama attack. The attack was so strong and explosive that it left many of our soldiers heavily and seriously wounded.

The news spread like fire in the nation and world and everyone was devastated, scattered and angry at the same time. Without any mistake, 40 lives were at the verge of dying. Those poor souls were sitting in the bus, never in their weirdest of dream they have thought of having this day in their lives.

The Jawans were returning from their homes. They were going to their deployed areas. This was an explosive incident in which 80 kg of explosives were used for the attack.

The culprits 

The Pakistan-based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed had taken the responsibility of the attack. They thought it was a deed to claim and announce as if the world is going to appreciate them for this sick deed of theirs. Later on, the police had identified the suicide bomber as Adil Ahmed. He was also known as Waqas Commander from Kakopora in Pulwama.

The impact

No one can repay the cost of those martyred lives. It has been seen that the nation was stabbed on its back. All the political events were cancelled as the strong wave of shock  embraced the nation. The pain was inconsolable and can not be healed. The nation cried and was  not in the condition to find and restore faith in humanity. The lives of soldiers were gone for no reason.

How did India respond to the attack?

Once the incident happened, it devastated the nation to a whole next level. The tensions flared up between the two nations. India and Pakistan came against each other after the attack. India also summoned  Pakistan’s top envoy and lodged the strongest protest ever!

The India’s Prime Minister Mr. Modi gave the assurance that none of the tears will go unheard. The security of India has given permission to choose the timings, place and nature of the response to the Pulwama attack.

He quoted” all the tears will be avenged” ! The armed forces have been given the full freedom to decide the place, time , intensity and nature of the retaliation against the enemy. Let the world know how India will respond to these deadly attacks. We are not going to sit and cry. Every tear will get its answer. And we are standing strong in front of these terror attacks.

The answer

As promised, we gave answers to all those terror filled deeds and showed them their real place. A well planned and executed mission was carried out under the guidance of special armed forces. Named as a surgical strike, the mission was planned to give back to those terrorists who tried to play with the peace of our country.

The terror camps were destroyed to their full capacity. The overnight mission was executed well and without any calamity from our country, we were able to fight back. We proved once again that India will never ever take any such terror attacks silently.

The roar of the nation was heard worldwide and it was our come back.

As a citizen of India, we are proud of our armed forces. They are the barrier who helped us to live a peaceful and happy life irrespective of tensions across the borders.

The nation is at some ease as we gave the much-needed answer to the world.

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