Essay on Pros and cons of living in a commonwealth state

Essay Topic: Pros and cons of living in a commonwealth state

People often discuss the underlaid pros and cons of living in a commonwealth state. To make the picture clear for all, we have curated the handpicked points that can easily explain about the consequent pros and cons of living in a commonwealth state.

Years back, European settlers coined this term” commonwealth state” to describe the single community created for the people. Today commonly, four states such as Virginia, Massachusetts, Kentucky and Pennsylvania are counted in the category. If you are planning to get settled in any of those 4 states, here is the list of pros and cons that you must know beforehand.

Essay on Pros and cons of living in a commonwealth state

Pros of living in a commonwealth state

People are organised through Single State Government

When we discuss the Government ruling in these commonwealth states, we talk about how a single government keeps the hold over all four states. The individuals have the complete liberty to outline the US constitution and can elect their representatives through a fair voting system. The complete freedom of speech is one such benefit that you might enjoy with the stay of these commonwealth states. Isn’t it a good and liberal thing to expect in your living?

You can experience more freedom and prosperity

The opportunity to be free stays with your living in the commonwealth state. You can expect greater freedom and can hold your wealth. You can earn your own  wealth without taking from others. You can have the complete freedom to earn as much as you can through your living. The more freedom you get, more will be the chances to earn and live your life with desired prosperity. It has been noticed that people who decide to stay in the commonwealth state can be more prosperous, wealthy and happy at the same time.

Right of citizens  can be protected

There are certain laws and rules that should be obeyed. If you live in a commonwealth state, it becomes evident for you to enjoy those rights and you can oblige the government by following those simple rules. The leaders can help in governing but they cannot force you to impose some unwanted rules. This high level of freedom and right to live your life – comes with when you decide to live in a commonwealth state.

As there are always two sides of the coin- living in a commonwealth state also comes with certain types of cons. Let us unwrap those also for a better understanding.


Cons of living in a commonwealth state

Cost of living is certainly high

As compared to other parts of the world, when you decide to live in a commonwealth state, you might feel that the overall cost of living is quite high. Though, this is true that you have the freedom to earn more and as much as you can, but again most of your earnings would be used in the cost of living. Hence, overall there is a balance between the earnings and the expenditures.

Prevailed inequality between the people

Yes, if you start living in a commonwealth state, you would understand that there is a certain type of inequality among the people. Some classes have an overheated advantage over the others. If you are in the group of people who are having advantage, you might be happy. But again if you are among those who are getting unfair balance, you might feel bad. So, there is always a dark side in between the silver lining. You have to make a decision whether you are comfortable with inequality or not.

You need to own the responsibility 

When you are living in a commonwealth state, you need to own the responsibility of your life. No one is responsible for it. In case the government become corrupt or is not following the standard rules, you have to take the command. You need to own the decisions and be ready for the consequences. The diversity is sometimes hard to maintain. And in such scenarios, people often fail to maintain the desired equilibrium in their life. This whole disparity and disturbed system is hard to follow, and can lead to unwanted responses. So, it is better to avoid getting stuck in such cases.

We have highlighted the highlights and lowlights of staying in the commonwealth state. You can figure out and take the individual decision for the same. Depending upon your individual requirements, you can own up the decision.

There is always a silver lining laying behind every decision, take your own.

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