Essay on positives and negatives of the industrial revolution

Essay Topic:  positives and negatives of the industrial revolution

The Industrial Revolution has changed the pattern of living. Some people believe it is for good while some still feel that there are many struggles that are accompanied with industrial revolution. If you are also feeling the confusion and are not sure about how to go ahead, here is the list of pros and cons, positive and negative impacts of going ahead with the industrial revolution.

This article shows the highlighted impact and that can help you to get a better understanding of the concept- the industrial revolution. Let us know about it in depth.

Essay on positives and negatives of the industrial revolution

Positive effects of industrial revolution

Goods have become more accessible

The one good thing that comes with the industrial revolution is that it helps in getting easy access to goods. If you are a part of this phase, you can  feel lucky to get connected with the easy path of living. Before the industrial revolution, there was a huge gap between the demand and supply. The goods were at a far away reach from the common people. Moreover, the cost of the goods was competitively high before the industrial revolution. However, after the industrial revolution, the goods are now accessible to all at a competitive price.

Improved quality of life

No doubt, the industrial revolution has helped in raising the standards of life. The ease of life and easy approach to things is a plus advantage that can not be ignored at any of the cost. The huge opening of the industries has opened many doors of employment for the society. This employment opportunity has helped in lighting the stove of a larger section of society. Moreover, the decent salary hike in the salaries of economically weaker sections has helped them to raise and improve their standards of living.

The rise of subject matter experts

Again, when we talk about the industrial revolution, we are talking about the revolution, the opportunity they have opened for the people. Many of us might know but the growth and demand of the special professions have been initiated by the industrial revolution. It has helped in adding and valuing the talent among the people. People who are gifted with talent have been paid well after the concept of industrial revolution. Years back, there was no one to ask about the subject matter experts and no one bothers about them. But things have changed for good now.


Negative effects of industrial revolution 

There are many negative effects of the industrial revolution that should be counted when we are talking about the concept. Few of them are:

Overcrowding of cities and town

The era of industrial revolution has given new opportunities to all. This has led more than half of the population of the village to make a shift towards towns and cities. This has resulted in overcrowding of the cities and towns. The huge competition is one reason why the cost of living is so high and people are bothered about the space to breathe.

Battle with pollution

Last but not the least, the industrial revolution has led the world to battle with the giant problem of pollution. The waste materials and smoke have led to increased pollution. The on-going battle is already making it tough for all to live a pollution-free life. Though many measures have been taken and are being taken, the fight is still going on.

The rise in competition

The rapid growth of many has given hope to many others. This has created a tough and high competition among all. The competitiveness has left many people struggling.  The competition has raised the eyes for all. If you belong to this era, you must know how tough and struggle full it is to fill a position.

People are following unhealthy lifestyle

Another drawback that humans are facing post industrial revolution is that people are now following unhealthy lifestyles. The improper eating habits has led to many uninvited diseases and has hampered the overall health status of individuals.


In conclusion, we can say that there are many positive and many negative impacts that the industrial revolution has brought. If you closely follow the positive effects, you should not forget about the negative ones too. People are finding other ways to overcome the negative effects by choosing the benefits of industrial revolution wisely. If you too are planning to be a part of the industrial revolution, don’t forget to embrace green for a better today and safer tomorrow for the next generations.

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