Essay on positive and negative impacts of new agriculture bill 2020

Essay Topic: Positive and negative impacts of new agriculture bill 2020

If you live in India, you must be knowing about the much-discussed agriculture bill of 2020. The newly passed bill has several aspects that are depicted in this article. From empowering a farmer to trade across the regional barriers to letting them control the pricing of their crops- there is a positive side of the bill. However, there are certain red flags that have raised the eyes of all. In this write-up, we will discuss in detail about what are the different sides of stories about the positive and negative effects of the agriculture bill of 2020 and how it can impact the agriculture sector of the country.

essay on Positive and negative impacts of new agriculture bill 2020

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Positive effects of Agriculture Bill 2020

  1. To begin with, the bill will allow a farmer to own a free and a flexible system to go ahead with crop trading. Apart from the conventional ways of selling the crops in the local mandis, the farmer can outreach to the different parts of the country. It will act as a broader marketing channel for the trading of the crops. Hence, the physical territories might not bound the selling capacity of farmers.
  2. The conventional and the new process will go hand in hand. There will be a parallel system working with an already existing system. However, earlier also the farmers were able to sell their products but it was done with the help of e-NAM system. Now, there is no need for such permission.
  3. There will be no as such holding of the stocks from the corporate side. The amendment to the Essential Commodities Act supports the legal rights of the farmers. Hence, the farmers can stay stress free over the fear of deemed excess or inflicting losses.
  4. Equal attention will be offered to the farmers and the stipulated price of crops will be given to the farmers. This will allow them to get a better survival in the competition. The tough competition will not let a farmer go down with the crop price.
  5. Though in the existing process, it is essential for a farmer to go through the traders to sell their crops. And in the whole process, they receive a minimum of crop selling price for the crop production. Unlike the earlier ways, the agriculture bill will allow them to get a competitive price for their crops. The structure of middle -men commission will be entirely vanished.

Above stated points explain the positive impact of the agriculture bill of 2020. However, there is a negative impact of the bill too that should also be taken into the consideration. Let us read about them in detail.

Negative effects of Agriculture Bill 2020

  1. There is a danger of getting a complete monopoly of the agriculture produce market committee ( APMC) mandis, with the regulation of the bill. They will be the deciding factor for allowing the sale and purchase of the crops and outside the state government-regulated market yards and mandis.
  2. There is an official declaration about the MSPs for crops but till now there has been no such law that explains the mandating of the implementation. This makes it little tough for all to know how it is going to proceed in the future.
  3. The only crop that has been implemented to FRP is sugarcane. This occurs due to its pricing structure governed by the Sugarcane ( Control) order, 1966- it was issued under the Essential Commodities Act.
  4. The new bills are putting the farmers and traders at the mercy of the servants rather than of the courts. This can give a tough situation for all for a longer period of time. This has already anguished many of the farmers.


Our verdict

There are always two coins in every situation. If you look at the brighter side, there is a complete untapped potential for the market that can be evaluated by the farmers. If you are looking for the ruling quotient, there are chances that there will be a monopoly among the APMC. This will be a turning situation for all. If you are associated with farmers or are in favour of their growth, you should think of letting them know these positive as well as negative impacts.

If the things are evaluated thoroughly, one will come to know that there should be a thin line between the positive impacts and negative impacts.  Let us know your thought about what you feel about the agriculture bill of 2020 and are you in the favour of it or not.

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