Essay on Online Gaming Addiction

Essay Topic: Addiction of Online Games: The Growing Concern:-

The online world, along with being a boon for many, is a bane for those who live in this virtual world unwisely. The Internet renders several blessings, however, when the dark side of the internet is observed, we can find various negative aspects of it. One of its negative features is the easy access of online games. Not only young people have fallen prey to the menace of the online gaming industry but grown-ups can also be seen wasting their valuable time on these online gaming platforms.

Essay on Online Gaming Addiction

No doubt that the primary purpose of video games/ online games is providing a source of amusement when boredom attacks. Also, when people get exhausted and need to relax after a stressful day at work, games come as a rescue. But, the consequences of these addictions cannot be denied. When any person starts feeling solace while playing these games, they find it hard to release themselves from the addiction. Here are some serious repercussions of this addiction.

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The withdrawal from society

Individuals who get addicted to online games end up affecting their social life. Not only their friends and families, but they isolate themselves from their society.

Being untouched with social experiences makes a person socially inept.  Hiding in their homes and in internet cafes to play for days have been quite a common scenario these days. As a result, the person lacks effective communication skills and experiences a loss in socialization skills.


Health Consequences

One of the major impacts seen among people addicted to games is related to health. Children keep sitting in front of computers that put a stain on their eyes and nerves of the brain. Consequently, poor eyesight, migraines, back pain from poor posture, and even obesity due to lack of physical movement and cardiovascular diseases are very common nowadays.

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Distraction from studies

Nowadays, children are so addicted to these online games that they are getting distracted from their studies. Their academic performances are being suffered drastically. In a survey, when parents were asked about the reasons for the poor performance of their offspring, most of them responded by making children’s addiction accountable for the deterioration in their academics.


Behavioral changes

People who get immensely inclined towards games are observed to be inculcating some weird behavioral issues in their personality. They feel thrilled while playing those games but inadvertently, they start showing extreme behaviors. For example, some teenagers are seen to be developing raging issues due to excess use of games that promote violence. Frustration and anger are two major disorders that are most likely to get rooted in a child’s mind. Not being able to beat the opponent fills them with frustration and they start swearing and abusing their opponents. Attacking family members, in case the game is cut short or if they are asked to leave the game is commonly seen in the game addicts’ houses.


Disoriented about future

An unfortunate result of this trend is the disruption of the user’s career. Some may find this reason an exaggeration, however, in my opinion, this obsession certainly shows its impacts on the future of children. During the age of improving their skills, they tend to squander valuable time while playing. In today’s scenario where only the skilled person is able to grab the job opportunities, children are ignoring this fact and without any guilt they keep surfing on online game portals. Although this is not the case with all as many players manage to enjoy video games and still hold their jobs without problems, others experience challenges at their workplace.


Situation must be changed:

Is it possible to divert the online-games-obsessed people from this path? Certainly it is! Although the situation cannot be worse, there is always a silver lining. Let us look at the points below:

  • Moderation is the key and every game addict should be made aware about it.

Playing games for only personal entertainment and as a way to relax is what needs to be practiced.

  • People should be told about the importance of socialization. Game addicts get instant dopamine but they should resist it and channelize their interest to some healthy habits. Once they start seeing the positive changes, they are more likely to leave the addiction of playing online games.
  • Some restrictions can also be put on the usage of the internet. For example, nowadays advanced technology has made it really easy to keep a check upon the activities of the children. However, this should be done in a prudent way without being so stern with the children otherwise children can develop rebellious nature.

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