Essay on Lockdown Experience 

Essay Topic: Lockdown Experience


Human is a social animal. But what will happen to the social creature if he does not get to even socialize?

The lockdown was an unexpected thing that happened to the world in 2020. Although people were aware of the circumstances, no one was willing to be confined in the four walls of the house.

This lockdown was an unprecedented experience in the 20th century. Human life was put to a temporary halt which was appreciated by many and condemned by others. Though people were connected through social media and carried out their businesses, something still felt missing.

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Essay on Lockdown Experience


Lockdown Experiences:

The initial excitement :

When the lockdown was declared, most people had mixed feelings. Some were worried but deep down they were excited too as they got rest from their extremely busy schedule. Students were happy about the closing of the schools and colleges and working people too felt ecstatic due to the tentative release from the offices. Many people had to face a lot of inconveniences, and that was totally unfortunate.

As a working woman, I too felt delighted as I got to spend some quality time with my family which would not have been at all possible if the lockdown had not happened.

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Then the boredom kicked in!

Suddenly after two weeks, our routine of going to work and study started missing us and a feeling of monotony stirred. Surprisingly, on normal days, people are engrossed in using technological devices and paying little attention to the required tasks, no offense! But when we had all the time to devote to the entertainment resources, we started abandoning them and started desiring the outer world which was never appreciated and paid any heed ever before!

This is the story of most of the individuals. I saw people posting on social media how badly they missed the office premises, their friends, colleagues even their bosses!


Explored new dimensions of life :

When the government announced the second and then the third lockdown phase, it forced people to look at life’s other aspects other than work and social media. Assuming that they have more time that should be spent productively, they explored life beyond their typical horizons such as work or studies.

When the trend of online classes for various activities emerged during the lockdown, most people took participation and lived a different experience. Some got inclined towards their hobbies while others looked forward to enhancing the skills that could get them a more good job. I too ended up taking an online fitness course and worked on my health. I really cherish the experience as it changed the way I live completely.


The Fear :

When things did not seem to come on track after six to seven months of lockdown, fear arose in people’s minds and they started wondering about their career, studies, and their life. Due to the downgraded economy, employers started laying off employees and many people remained jobless during the lockdown. Finding jobs for some got difficult and people were ready to work on low salaries too. This was something really bad for the person having a family to feed.


Discovering true potentials :

Losing a job was troublesome to some and a blessing in disguise for many. Many masses discovered their true passion and started working towards it. I saw people around me turning their passion into professions. And they still are stick to it and earning a decent amount as compared to when they were into their jobs. They devoted enough time to their hobbies and made tremendous changes to their life.

A lot of entrepreneurs also mushroomed during this period as individuals were forced to look for alternatives to earn money when they lost the job.


The True Realisation:

The fast pacing world needed a temporary pause, agree? Well, I strongly concur with this statement. People are running, not knowing where to go! As I live in the metro city, I observe people going to work in a hurry, getting caught in the office reluctantly for the whole day, and coming back with a void in their hearts.

This lockdown gave them the opportunity to take a back seat and examine what is going on in their life. If I tell about my experience. I discovered that I kept stressing myself unnecessarily and never tried to find out the underlying issues that were making my life stressful.

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I feel, that this lockdown was a much-needed break to discover one’s true self. Calling it a little positive experience does not make me ignorant and indifferent to the difficulties that people faced. But life is all about accepting challenges and combating them while growing through them.

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