Essay on Importance of technology in health care

Essay Topic: Importance of technology in health care

Living a healthy life is a dream for all. Technology has done all the possible wonders to the world. With the introduction of advanced methods and processes it has been possible to improve the old healthcare systems.

Talking in detail about how the technology has played a significant role in maintaining the high standard of healthcare, we have a long list of benefits.¬† Technology has been the framework to remove the barriers from people’s lives when it comes to access the necessary information about healthcare related topics. The improved technology gives the chance to people to overcome the language , demographic barriers and make an informed choice, when it comes to think about bringing better results in well being.

For example, so many fitness apps are there now in the market that can give a clear picture about the health status of an individual. The information such as number of calories intake, number of calories burnt, weight gain, weight loss etc all are interconnected with each other. You can keep a track over such things with the help of a fitness app. To make an informed choice, here is the list of benefits being enjoyed and overseen with the introduction of technology in healthcare.

Essay on Importance of technology in health care

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Advantages and perks of adding technology in Healthcare

The presence of technology has improved the quality life of an individual. To throw light on the benefit, here is the list of things you must know.

Digitalization of medical records and reports

To begin with, electronic health records have been one of the most influential and progressvie ways to deal with the latest advancements in health care. The patients complete medical history, relevant details and much more information can be easily accessed with a single click. In case the patient is not physically or locally available, the medical practitioner can go through his history and current status by simply logging in the medical reports. This way of digitalization is a complete life savior for those who are looking for genuine upscaling of the processes in the medical industry.

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Upscaling the better public health

The digitalization of medical processes has a huge impact on the life of an individual. The valuable information that can reach out to the general public helps in escalating the health process in a better way. A standardized health information, strategies to deal with an issue and ways to prevent it from further spread, can make it a little easier for the people to stay aware and informational about the current health standards. Overall, it is a smart way to boost public health awareness. It can bring desired outcomes with less efforts.

Smart execution of task

Another added benefit of picking up technology in healthcare is that it helps in simplifying the processes. From medical coders to billers, there is a much scope of improvement in the processes. From inputting the data into the electronic system to making sure all information is processed and executed in a smarter way, everything can be done with few clicks. If you have any doubt about the hassle-free execution of the tasks, you can always rely on the technology for the same. This will help you to get a clear picture of how you need to shape the things and how you can go ahead with the upscaling of processes and its execution with few simple clicks. Technology saves a lot of your time and helps you to stay confident with the processes.

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Decrease in the healthcare costs

When you decide to transition the paper based records to electronic medical records, you are going to save a big amount in terms of time and money.  You can ideally save around 3% of the total amount. This can help in bringing the overall costs down and get the desired results. The processes will help in making great choices in terms of growth and success.

Cloud Storage 

It has been seen that medical data is in abundant quantity. One needs to make sure that all the data has been restored in a proper place. Moreover, the access of the data needs to be done promptly. Talking in detail about the benefits of cloud storage, we can say that the data can be saved, controlled and managed at a safer place. Moreover, due to cloud storage options it is easier to keep as much as data possible at one place.


If you are looking ahead to get the outlook of information technology in healthcare, the benefits are a long list. It is surely a boon for all.

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