Essay on Importance of online classes

Essay Topic: Importance of online classes

Over the past few decades, online learning has really gained momentum. Most of the training institutes now provide online courses- whether short-term or long-term. The Covid-19 pandemic has also  surged the value of online sessions. As all educational institutes are forced to be shut down due to the coronavirus crisis and lockdown, only online classes have saved the students from abstaining from the required  learning. A big  thanks to high-speed internet, now all children are able to avail proper education via virtual classes. In today’s era, the  importance of online study has been understood by the educators as well as the learners. Consequently, they have welcomed this change by widened arms. Research indicates that e-learning has been beneficial to individuals and offers the opportunity to have a better outcome at a lower cost.

Essay on Importance of online classes

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Now, telecommuting is being preferred by almost all companies in the world. This has allowed many people plenty of time in their hands and they can take the advantage by utilising the time in other useful activities. In this particular scenario, online learning is the best thing that they can adopt in their life.

Taking online classes has multiple important factors that are discussed in forthcoming paragraphs:

  1. Flexible learning:Before coronavirus havoc, most of the working people were unable to join physical classes to learn any program or to attain any degree as sparing time from their profession to go out and attend the class seemed a daunting task . Now, they can easily enrol in any course as online classes come with flexible timings. Most institutes provide weekend batches, early morning and late evening batches for the working professionals. So, for a person who wants to grow professionally and academically at the same time, online learning is a

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  1. More comfortable and self-paced learning:Although physical classes with a great number of students in a single class provide a competitive environment, most of the students feel reluctant to raise their queries and clear their doubts with their teacher in front of the whole class. In this scenario, online learning is beneficial as a student does not have to face the teacher directly and with the help of the chat box option, this hesitation can be dispelled. Moreover, online sessions avoid long classes and uncomfortable classrooms. Beds or couches at home make learning easier as the comfort level of the student is directly linked with the pace of learning.

Additionally, a student can pause or rewind or fast-forward the lecture during online learning to understand the concept fully as per the calibre of a candidate. It becomes quite difficult in physical classes to ask the teacher to repeat the concept that was discussed in the previous sessions. So, the online learners can move their course according to their pace and comfort level.

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  1. Distance learning: Most of the higher education programs are established in metropolitan cities. So, dwellers of rural areas have to leave their hometown, family, friends, to avail themselves of such education and it is a costly process as well. Now, with e-learning, everyone can access education without worrying about the location. This flexibility also saves money, as the cost of living in other cities may vary. Thus, an advantage of online classes can lead to less financial stress.


  1. Reduction of total costs: The advantage of reduction of cost cannot be overlooked in online classes. Tuition costs are becoming the major factor among students who prefer the digital campus over the physical campus. Most of the students have to take a loan to complete their higher education in other cities. Moreover, housing cost and meal plans surge the load of the student loan. As a benefit, online education alleviates the cost of residing in other cities for higher education as they can take classes at their home, thereby saving thousands. Furthermore, transportation cost is also saved when college students choose to take virtual classes.

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  1. Opportunity to learn new skills: Abundance of online degrees  are available that can improve the learner’s  expertise in different technical skills. As we all know, to be a part of a highly skilled job, an individual needs to possess some exceptional skills. As a part of the course, individuals have to go through various online technological tools and software to search the resource for studying or to understand the concept deeply. A candidate may be asked to make videos or presentations on a particular course and further will be asked to upload on an online training platform, where a trainer will then be able to review this and give the tips to the person. So, in this way, one can be adept in new skills via taking online sessions.

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