Essay on global warming and its impacts

Essay Topic: Global warming and its impacts

Global warming is one of the alarming situations that tells about the climate changes in the environment. With the constant change in the earth’s temperature, it has been seen that natural influences and humans played a vital role in increasing the average temperature of the planet. Global warming has been introduced in the environment and is known to bring the rise in the surface and atmospheric temperature of earth has changed the various forms of life on this planet.

There are two types of causes that are majorly responsible for creating rift in the natural environment of the planet. They are described as natural causes of Global warming and human causes.

Let us discuss in detail about both of them.

Essay on global warming and its impacts

Natural causes

Nature is in its ever changing mode. It keeps on changing with the day. The greenhouse gases are one of the major reasons why global warming is increasing day by day. The presence and accumulation of gases such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide makes it ideal for the global warning initiation. It not only traps the solar rays but also plays  a strong role in ensuring that the rays stay on the earth. They minimize and block the escape of the rays from the planet. This addition of rays is a natural cause of increasing the temperature on earth.

Another reason why nature is making an eruption is the presence and outburst of volcanoes. Only a single volcanic eruption can cause release of huge amounts of carbon dioxide. This can add unnecessary ashes in the environment, thus adding the rise of temperature on the earth.

Lastly, methane gas can be considered as a strong contributor to global warming. Methane gas is a greenhouse gas. It is almost twenty times more effective in trapping the heat in the atmosphere as compared to the carbon dioxide. This gas is released from the accumulation of animal waste, cow dung and many more.

Hence, nature plays a significant role in adding global warming on the earth.

Human Causes

We have studied above all the natural causes responsible for bringing global warming. However, humans are collectively responsible for the same. The human activities such as industrial production, burning fossil fuel, mining of minerals, cattle rearing and deforestation – all are responsible for adding global warming.

Industries are known to release carbon dioxide, monoxide from their exhaust and it is a never-ending process. This leads to creating an unnecessary atmosphere for all. The industries are known to be the leading cause of the damage and harm to nature.

Another contributor in the list is mining. The process of mining can be tough and can make the release of methane gas in excess. This can be the reason to add unwanted gases in nature and create a rift. The release of methane from manure is known to all. This has contributed in making it tough for the planet to escape global warming.

Now, moving ahead from the concept of industries, here is the next leading cause of global warming – Deforestation. The process is known to occur due to abundance in human influence and is followed by subsequent events such as cutting down of trees to get paper, wood, build the houses and many more things. We all know that the world is getting advanced with the latest technology, but the side-effects are hard to digest. The cutting down of trees has put the earth on a hard role. Trees can absorb carbon dioxide and can increase the oxygen level. However, if you keep on cutting these trees under the pretext of deforestation, you might fail to receive the required oxygen. The excess accumulation of the carbon dioxide will result in adding more concern to global warming. And it can very deadly impact the overall balance of nature.

Adding the industrial composites also play a tough role in making it difficult for people to breathe. Apart from it, the overall result also makes it tough for global warming to stay within normal. The regular and consistent outflow of gases results in adding up the temperature of the atmosphere. This directly impacts the overall balance of the environment.


Global warming is increasing on an alarming stage. People are getting skeptical about the disaster that can be done with the introduction of these gases. In coming times, it will definitely impact the normalcy of lives. If you wish to live a happy and healthy life, you need to take a control over human created troubles and get a ticket to live a healthy life.

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