Essay on Gaganyaan Mission by ISRO

Essay Topic: Gaganyaan Mission

The era has taken the world so forward that reaching space is no difficult task. It is very common when people talk or we hear any news of people reaching space. The mission we are talking about here is Gaganyaan Mission. The word ‘Gaganyaan Mission’ itself depicts its meaning, its meaning can be sensed out of two words, where one word is ‘Gagan’ and the other word is ‘Yaan’. Both are Hindi words and ‘Gagan’ means sky and ‘Yaan’ refers to means of transport, the meaning sums up itself in these two words.

Essay on Gaganyaan Mission by ISRO


The Gaganyaan mission is a mission to reach space. The spacecraft that is designed for this mission can carry three people. The spacecraft will be quite planned and will be well equipped with a lot of things that people many need in space. Indian Space Research Organization has made this mission for seven days with three persons involved in this.

This mission was supposed to be launch by December 2021, but there will be a delay in this mission and it is estimated to launch in 2023.


The spacecraft designed for Gaganyaan Mission has been manufactured by Defense Research and Development Organization, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Indian Space Research Organization. The country of origin for this mission in India, which means that this is an Indian project. ISRO is the operator of this mission.

Key Points about Gaganyaan Mission

  • As mentioned earlier, Gaganyaan Mission is the mission of the Indian Space and Research Organization.
  • A glance at the Gaganyaan schedule

This point will give a glance at the schedule for this mission.

It has been planned that three flights will be sent into orbit. Out of these three flights, two flights will be unmanned flights that mean no human will be there in these two flights and one flight will be a human flight.

  • The Gaganyaan system module is also named as Orbital Module. According to this module, the Gaganyaan Mission will accomplish with the help of three people out of which one will be a woman.
  • It will be at a low-earth-orbit and an altitude of 300-400 km from earth. The Gaganyaan mission will last for 5-7 days.
  • The Crew Module and Service Module will form a part of this mission. The Crew Module will carry human beings and the Service Module will carry other technical necessities and will be powered by two liquid-propellant engines.

The mission will also be equipped with emergency escape and emergency mission abort.

  • Human spaceflight will take just 16 minutes to reach orbit. In the orbit, it will stay for 5-7 days.
  • For the return, the spaceflight will land just off the coast of Gujarat. In the Arabian Sea.
  • The capsule will keep rotating around the earth every 90 minutes. The astronauts inside the capsule will be able to witness sunrise and sunset. From space, the astronauts will be able to see India after every 24 hours. The astronauts will keep on performing their experiments on microgravity.
  • India’s space journey is going to be witnessed by a Rs 10,000 crore mission. This will help in growth and will create a lot of significance for the betterment of the country.

Significance of Gaganyaan Mission

  • This mission will help to inspire the youth of the country.
  • The mission will help to enhance the levels of science and technology in the country,
  • Gaganyaan Mission will involve a lot of laboratories, agencies, industries, departments, etc. and these will bring a lot of development to the country. These will also help to generate a lot of employment opportunities.
  • Industrial growth will also show improvement with this mission. IN-space is a new organization that has been recently introduced by the government and it will help the involvement of the private sector in the space industry.
  • The technology will upgrade and enhance and that will also help in the social benefits.
  • International collaborations will also improve with this mission.

Launch of Gaganyaan Mission

The Gaganyaan mission was expected to launch by December 2021 but it did not go well. Due to COVOD-19 and worldwide lockdown, it became impossible to achieve the target and hence the mission has been postponed and it will not show up earlier than 2023. The mission will launch with the help of GSLV Mk III, this is also known as LVM-3. It is a launch vehicle and is used to lift and launch heavy projects. The same will be used for the launch of the Gaganyaan Mission as it has the required payload capability.

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