Essay on Fitness Beats Pandemic

Essay Topic: Fitness Beats Pandemic

COVID-19 has been a wakeup call for everyone. It has been seen that with the coming times, people have learnt the new ways of living a healthy life.  People are more concerned towards their health.

Due to people restricted into four walls, the people get involved with the fitness regime on a regular basis. Moreover, it has been noticed that individuals who are having a good fitness regime, are found to be immune to deadly virus exposure. On the other hand, the people who are weak with their immunity need to make them survive from the unexpected virus attack.

If you are thinking about the correlation between the body and immunity, you must go through this article. When you are low on activity level, it has been seen that the immunity level of an individual also keeps on decreasing. The COVID-19 infection spreads quickly in the body and keeps on replicating. This increases the chances of getting exposed to the virus. This is the major reason why we need to keep ourselves involved in various sorts of physical activities. It helps in keeping our immunity level high and makes us immune to the deadly virus.

Essay on Fitness Beats Pandemic

Speaking about the COVID-19 Infection, the infection is spreading high and rapidly in our body. We need to make sure that we are following a healthy and fit regime and are taking all the necessary steps to prevent ourselves from this sort of exposure. A healthy diet and healthy exercise regime can prevent us from getting ourselves infected with this deadly virus. We all are somehow busy in our daily lives. This makes it tough for us to keep ourselves focused with the health regime. But, on a longer run, we should not take it lightly and must make sure that we are taking out enough time to plan a healthy lifestyle ahead.

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How COVID-19 drives us to a healthy life?

Though there are millions of drawbacks that we faced with the introduction of COVID-19 in this world. But one positive side that we are able to see because of this pandemic is that people are started valuing themselves. The change in habits and shift of people’s attitude makes it crystal clear that this wake up call was a much required call for our generation.

First of all, people do not cook in homes and are totally dependent upon the market junk food. But due to lockdown, people have started considering themselves for not eating junk food. The lockdown period has taught lessons to everyone. Now, we are ready to eat home cooked food. For example, during the lockdown period, the world was happy in trying their cooking skills. This had made them habitual to cook healthy and hygiene oriented food. This can be an added advantage for mothers too, who are always worried about the nutritional intake of their children.

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The barrier and skeptical world has created a better opportunity for all to avoid the junk food and rely completely over the home-cooked food.

Another important benefit that remains unmissable is that COVID-19 has given enough lockdown period for all. This created better time management for the people who always had complaints of not staying at home. Now, during the quarantine, people have shifted their daily schedule to their regular fitness regimes. This can be an added advantage for the people who were not able to get out enough time to stay fit and healthy.  This drives maximum benefits like- adding physical activities in the daily routine, avoiding junk items, and staying consistent with the fitness routine. Due to this major shift in the lifestyle and thought process of the individuals, it was easy for the world to shape a healthier and brighter future ahead.


COVID-19 has been one of the most life changing chapters of our lives. We have learnt to live and adapt to the new normal of life. From staying at home to maintaining a social distance in public areas, our social culture has been changed swiftly.

Talking about the behavioral changes in the fitness regime of fitness freaks and not so active individuals, the changes are visible. If you can take one good thing from this COVID-19, it should not be less than the learnings. The teachings of COVID-19 had made us aware and awake in this era. Fitness is the only concrete and easy-to-achieve solution that can help in beating the pandemic, just the way the world wishes to. Stay Safe, Stay Fit, Stay away from the exposure of COVID-19!

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