Essay on fake news and its impact

Essay Topic: Fake news and its impact

The world is shifting and limiting to digital channels. People have constrained their vision and wisdom to the online platforms only. This is the prime reason why the traditional ways of imparting news via the printing press have been majorly occupied with digital media.

But do you know how bad it could turn if people get to know only about half of the story? We all know that the world is becoming skeptical about the outer environment. If you too are someone who needs regular updates about the occurrence of things, you might have connected with news in one or the other way.

But do you know how it can influence an individual, society and nation as a whole? In this write-up, we will discuss the fake news and its impact.

Essay on fake news and its impact

Major impacts

The false information that comes to us can be potentially harmful for all. The way we think, react and response to the outer world is directly influenced by the news we hear and believe. Our most of the opinion and decision are based on these biased news. From taking a financial call to bringing the racist idea in our mind, the list of influences and damages are huge. In this section, we will discuss one on one how it will impact the various segments of society. Let us discuss it in details:


Financial Impacts

It significantly impacts the financial decisions of life. Based on the fake news, one can make the wrong decisions. For example, a fake review over a product can let a buyer go for it. And who will suffer at the end? It will be the customer who is going to believe the fake news. So, it clearly states how devastating it could be to spread fake news in any manner.


The instilled fear

Another important point we need to mention about the impact of fake news is that it instilled the fear in an individual. We never know how hard it can impact an individual and how should one deal with it. In longer terms, it definitely plays with the mind of the individuals also. The instilled fear can make life worse for all.


The racist ideas

Lastly,racism, nationalism, fake feminism are a few of unwanted behaviour characteristics that have been instigated with fake news. And we all know very well how messy it can turn out in coming times. This one single impact of the racist ideas that are being carried forward by the team of fake news can not be ignored at any of the cost. It has crippled the thought process of an individual and has made us to believe that we all are enemies to each other. The fake news has been delivering hatred, violence everywhere in this world.


The bullying and violence against innocent people

These fake news have a large impact on the minds of others. Generally these false rumours are created to target a particular segment of caste, religion and nation. Without any concrete evidence, people start playing blame games and announce them guilty on the basis of religion they follow or the color they own. Is it right? No, not in any terms an individual should be targeted on a guess basis. This has damaged and rotten the thoughts of many people. The role of fake news extends to break the trust of people over humanity and generosity. It has crippled the mind process and thought actions of individuals in a very disappointing way.


The democratic impacts

The fake news have its own significance over democracy. People are going to get influenced in their voting process after following the series of fake news. You can not judge a book by its cover. But when you are too much influenced by the thought process of others, you can not keep yourself unimpacted with the thoughts. This can be irreversible damage for all. You can find how devastating it is to see a 360 degree transition of democracy to monopoly! And the reason behind it is nothing but the series of fake news.

The people have a tendency to get easily manipulated and influenced by unwanted talks. This overall has impacted the life of the people.

In a nutshell

Fake news is a danger to the world. The real potential of growth, success and happiness gets overpowered  by these tough thoughts. As a responsible citizen, you should keep yourself away and far from these disturbing practices. Be smart enough to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.

Beware of fake news!

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