Essay on use of drugs among the young generation

Essay Topic: Use of drugs among the young generation


What is drug abuse? Drug abuse is taking harmful and illegal substances just for the sake of pleasure and excitement. It has become the most common practice among many people around the world. It is really disheartening to know that the young generation is falling prey to this menace more rapidly. Most cases of drug abuse can be seen in advanced and developed countries, but that does not mean that developing countries like India are untouched by this menace.

Essay on use of drugs among the young generation

What causes drug addiction:

Many studies have been conducted to reveal the various causes behind people indulging in these absurd practices.


When drug addicts are asked the reason, the most common answer stated by them is “intense stress”.  Youth, nowadays, are caught up with a lot of tensions, such as career, wanting to live the high life-style and personal relationships. To alleviate the burden from their mind, they resort to the easiest way “ drug usage”. They find themselves unable to cope with the real issue and try to relieve stress by taking these illegal medicines. Even if they commence in taking the drugs just to entertain themselves, and before they know it, it turns into an obsession that is not at all easy to give up.


Peer Pressure:

Not all youngsters feel the need to consume these toxic materials, a section of the young generation takes drugs with the influence of their counterparts. Adolescents, being vulnerable and innocent and unaware of the difference between right and wrong, easily get inclined towards these bad habits. They want to seem cool and updated and during this course of this pretense, they get addicted. Consequently, finding a way back gets tough for them.


Easy availability:

Had the drugs not been easily accessible to people, they would not have got a compulsion over them. The primary cause of people around the world getting excessively addicted to drugs is that they can possess them without being authorized to keep them. is also a cause of addiction. An individual, having easy exposure to drugs, is prone to consume them and develop the habit.


Lack of check on the children

Offsprings who are not under adequate surveillance of their parents feel free to do anything they want. Nowadays, parents remain busy building their careers and have less interaction with their children at home. They stay unaware of what their children are up to. Any emotionally weak child, who seeks emotional support, can divert his attention towards drugs.



Effects on Self:

A drug-addicted person not only can deteriorate his physical health but mental health also. Repeated use of these dangerous substances shows severe psychological effects as the person craves for it all the time. In the absence of drugs, he can be a threat to the people around him. His body gets immune to these harmful substances and refuses to accept anything except these. If the victim does not take them for a while,the individual may face deadly withdrawal symptoms.

Social effects :

Well, drug usage is a stigma in society, though it should not be. Instead of feeling sympathy and helping the person, he is judged and left on his own. Thus a person faces society withdrawals and encounters a lot of criticism.

A lot of companies expect their employees to undergo a drug test before being available for the job. If companies find their employees doing drugs, the drug abuser has to face legal consequences.

 Effects on Personal relationships:

The impact on personal relationships cannot be denied. When a person is controlled by the habit of consuming drugs, he is less likely to perform his responsibilities towards his family members. This tendency leads to distorted relationships.

How to prevent it?

1.To combat the problem, one needs to build strong resistance and willpower. Dealing with peer pressure more prudently will save them from getting trapped in the web of drugs.

2.Parents need to spend adequte time with their children so that they can create a strong bond between them and their children. Getting detached from the parents is the biggest reason for this scenario as children try to find solace by getting inebriated.

3.Moreover, the risk factors of drug addiction should be known by teenagers. Individuals who are conscious about the physical and emotional consequences of drug obsession are likely to overcome them.

4.Strict law enforcement can lead to a better situation. Less exposure to drugs can give relief to this loathful occurrence.


This issue is not unsurmountable. By taking some required steps, the issue can be resolved. This menace needs to be eradicated at any cost. Calling it a taboo won’t do any good to society but addressing the issue with legitimate steps can. It is a fatal condition, which must be controlled.

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