Essay on dating in the 21st century

Gone are the days when dating was a private aspect of an individuals’ life. Earlier people used to keep their love affairs personal till the time they would make it an official alliance. Also, in the past, people were so shy and would not express their emotions in front of their beloved ones.  My grandma sometimes recalls the days before her marriage and tells us how she never met my grandfather in person alone and she always would take her friends along with her whenever she visited him because she used to feel awkward.

Essay on dating in the 21st century

However, dating trends in 21 century have changed and people are more vocal about their personal lives. Different colors can be seen in 21 century’s relationships and dating patterns. Some youngsters behave immaturely in their relationships while many act prudently and in a logical way. Both sides have their own reasons and aftermaths. Let us have a look at both, positives and negatives of today’s dating trends and that too without being judgmental!

Intellectual Compatibility:

The best thing about today’s generation’s dating rules is that there are some individuals who look for emotional and intellectual compatibility. They keep this virtue on the top of their list and consider intellectual compatibility as the most important factor in their relationship. A survey was conducted about how people choose their partners which showed that the majority of people expect their partners can understand them emotionally. When the reason was asked, many stated that having a partner who can provide them emotional relief when they are stressed is a blessing.

Technology’s contribution:

Dating has really been made easy in the 21st century with several applications. Youngsters nowadays are really taking advantage of these platforms. This evolution has two sides:

First, people are able to meet new people and get to know about their interests which eventually helps them to be better in their relationships with their partners. Also, Now people do not even have to go out to look for partners as with just one click they are able to contact a person who is also looking forward to meeting new people.

The other outlook points out that some users of these apps look for genuine partners while others only download these apps for fun. One more dark side about these apps is, people are spending more than the required time on these apps and not paying adequate heed towards their career.

Lack of emotional bonding:

It is a whole new era of dating where millennial have a large preference merely on hooking up. Being with the same person constantly now seems an old idea. Even adding a title to their relationship at all is not seen as an important task.

Positive: Some people assert that it gives them an opportunity to get to know about themselves deeply. They can understand their requirements as well as what they like and don’t like in other people.

Negative: No doubt, when both partners are not on the same page in their relationships, it proves disastrous as it can lead to a lack in the confidence level of the other person.

Less communication, more complications:

In today’s scenario, due to various reasons, people are not indulged in communication with their partners. Lack of communication leads to fiasco in their relationships. Many times it has been seen that people part their ways instead of talking and resolving the issue. This can also be the result of less sentiments attached. Youth does not want to work on the root cause and look for an easy solution that is changing their partners when things go wrong. And, this situation does not seem to be helping at all as they encounter the same issue with their new partner too.

Eventually, their life gets complicated and they feel deprived of emotional values which are not at all a good thing for their future.

Some people consider it a positive change as they feel that getting emotionally attached to people creates hurdles in their career. With having no emotional strings, they can focus on their work and excel in their career.

The need to be slowed down:

Earlier, physical intimacy was either not openly discussed or was labeled  as an enemy, however, in the 21st century , the trend of dating is  quite the opposite. The terms “casual sex” and “no strings attached” are famous and people are taking these terms very seriously. Although there is nothing to be judgmental about it as it depends on the people’s independent choice in their life, when it starts impacting the other person’s emotional state and morale, decisions should be taken wisely.

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