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Essay Topic: Coronavirus – Shaken The Foundations Of Human Life

As we can all see, human life has been devastated by the influence of coronavirus. There have been crores of cases across the world with lakhs of deaths around the globe. Researchers were into finding cure in the form of vaccines and now they have it. But again, the virus is seeming to return in new forms or versions of itself, such as those found in the UK and South Africa. In India too, there are cases affected by these new versions. So it is difficult to predict exactly when human life will be able to be completely free of this infection.


Debate on Corona Virus

Looking at it from a different angle 

While we are all aware of coronavirus and we are all going through all the related news, there is a different perspective of looking at things that happened in the last one year’s time frame.

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The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the whole world. It has shown that nature has far more power than a man can think of. With human beings losing their potential in front of this deadly infection, there are some who are realising the importance of cooperating with the environment. As we all saw, as coronavirus made us more aware of its presence, it also brought forest life to the streets where there was no animal for decades. Videos of animals were being circulated showing them enjoying the lonely seashores, that are normally crowded with people.

Man needs to understand that such pandemic-like situations are difficult to put a stop to, without making necessary changes in our living and working patterns. If we do not realize the importance of living in cooperation with nature, it will keep troubling us by creating such unimaginable circumstances. And these will be quite tough to deal with.

We as children also have always been studying the significance of being in connection with the environment. Protection of flora and fauna is also our responsibility being species with better brains. As soon we understand their value above technological advancement, the better it will be for us as the currently most powerful creatures walking the earth.

Some details about the effect it has had upon us all

The virus has definitely brought us down to our knees. It has taken lives, it has shown us our real value. However, there have been many people who have been able to make something better of what these times gave them.

One can hear from a close friend about the other guy losing pounds and becoming healthier and fit, taking full benefit of those lockdown days. Similarly, there were many videos going viral, showing how different people had different lockdown experiences. Overall it was a devastation, but exceptionally, many have been able to bring positive outcomes out of such a pandemic situation too.

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But we have also seen how the people suffering from the infection found themselves so alone. They could not be near their loved ones during even such serious health issues. While we salute the doctors, policemen and many others for coming forward with their extraordinary services during such tough times, we feel sad for those who lost their lives in supporting the cause. Their services will never be forgotten.

Bringing in some lesser-known facts about the virus

There are several facts about the virus that are unique and lesser-known. One of them is anosmia. Or you can call it the loss of smell, which is being brought about by the virus in a person suffering from it. That is why having a little discomfort with the smell of food used to make many fear themselves suffering from the infection. Besides this, the Covid-19 virus is known to have survived on surfaces for days. This made lives very difficult as people began sanitizing and storing household stuff in their homes for months before they were actually needed.

One very difficult fact about the virus was that it could be present in a person and not show any symptom. The hard thing is that the person may even have immunity to get cured, but another man who got the infection from him may not be that immune to the virus and its symptoms.

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It is difficult to digest, but who knows he or she may have been infected with the virus without knowing it and recovered with equal ease. Now that we all know much about this coronavirus, we all have managed to start living normal lives despite its ongoing presence. We only need to a little cautious today as well to pass this pandemic and see the brighter tomorrow.

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