Essay on contribution of technology in education

Contribution of technology in education

It is irrefutable that humans are now surrounded by different technologies that have made lives painless. With the passage of each day, a new gadget or software is being introduced in the market to ameliorate the lifestyle of humans. Many such applications are used in the education sector. With the access to high-speed internet and low prices of laptops and mobile devices, the Indian education system has been aced comparatively with the introduction of different techniques. Moreover, education has become more intriguing with the aid of technology.

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Earlier, the benefits of educational technology was a debatable topic as some individuals propounded it to be a negative approach. However, gradually, most of the educational institutes started embracing this change and advanced technology started bringing a new meaning to education. So, without any doubt, the advantages of technological education far outweigh the negatives by every aspect.

Essay on Contribution of technology in education

Improvement in education with the aid of technology:

Technology has modernised the way education is imparted to the students. Here I will talk about the online education system that has been put forth by the new era of technology. Students according to their IQ level and their pace can clear their queries with the help of online education that is possible only because of advancement in technology and its introduction in education. Now, they don’t need to feel shy in asking questions as they used to feel during physical classes in front of a bunch of students. Usage of digital devices instead of traditional teaching methods has improvised the outcome of students as teachers use different methods to attract the attention of students.

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Most of the children already use technology in their daily lives. They have access to laptops and mobile phones. So, integration of education with such gadgets have given them the access to use different resources for study material. Video tutorials, audio podcasts, live sessions, text material etcetera are available on the internet and can be used as an educational resource. So, students can learn at a different pace, review concepts and skip if they want to and can improve their academic performance ultimately.

Trainers can also benefit from technological tools. This is making their job easier as they can use different digital tools and strategies to make the teaching pattern more effective and creative.  in the  case of teaching material , it can be saved on online portals without any hassle of categorising the complex material physically. Eventually, it saves the teacher’s time.

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Technology in the physical classroom: 

Now,monotonous classes have been transformed into smart classes with the usage of projectors attached to a computer. It has made learning easier and more interesting. Most of the educational institutes have started using projector screens instead of blackboards. Consequently, now a student can understand complex information  readily with the help of visual aids. Apart from this, students now feel enthusiastic to go to school as earlier they used to abstain from going there because of tedious and non-attractive teaching patterns.  Availability of several good softwares is a boon to supplement the class curriculum.

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 Technology in distance education: 

The usage of the internet, software, telecommunications has eliminated a big wall and various boundaries between a trainer and a trainee. A plethora of higher educational institutes offer distance learning as a myriad of pupils can get the benefit of studying while sitting in  their home. It reduces the cost of travelling and other unnecessary expenses also. This can especially be advantageous for dwellers of rural areas who do not have access to get wider opportunities. They can interact with their tutors with the help of chat, e-mail or phone call. A survey has revealed that 30%  of students enrolled in distance learning education in 2018..


Role of technology in keeping the education sector alive during a pandemic:

The education sector has been impacted severely due to the coronavirus crisis. All educational sectors are closed considering in mind the severity of the virulence. Although physical classes are shut down, the virtual mode of education has made the process of learning possible. Technology is serving as a silver lining in a pandemic. It has allowed educators to become more resourceful and innovative in communicating with their learners. Technology has provided various learning online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Google Classroom etc. Thanks to these innovative technologies, people are now able to deliver education properly, especially to remote areas. The major benefit is that students and trainers are getting access to high-speed internet and devices like a laptop to continue the online education during the crisis. Most individuals are getting extra perks to be motivated in this predicament.

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The use of technology has brought a drastic change in the education system. It has proved to be beneficial for those who cannot afford education but want to pursue higher education. The contribution of technology cannot be denied as it has benefited both educators and learners.

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