Essay on communication technology in education

Essay Topic: Communication technology in education

Communication Technology has played a significant role in changing the shape of the education industry. The ICT integrates the traditional way of education to the modern ways. Students, teachers and guardians have seen the widened scope of digitalization in the lives of students.

Few years back only, the traditional textbooks were replaced with the online e-books. This has been a drastic shift of traditional ways to digital ways. In this article, we will be discussing more about the impact of communication technology in Education.


Essay on communication technology in education

Communication technology- An Overview

The dramatic increase of digital ways of education have given new directions to the modern ways of communication. It means that all the possible types of ICT such as Smart mobile phones, computers etc have started seeing a hike in the market. The computers, desktop, laptop have replaced the books. When the right suite of technology keeps on executing the right way of information, the required results could be achieved.

Talking about the classrooms, the digitalization and smart shift of classes has been a changing period for all. Irrespective of many debates, students and teachers have started accepting the change and are now looking forward to exploring the full potential of digital classes on the online platform.

However, there are consequent challenges, risks and opportunities that one can expect with the implementation of communication technology. Before going ahead in the discussion about the challenges, let us explore the opportunities that come with the implementation.

Opportunities with Communication Technology

Communication technology has helped the learning behavior of the students and has been responsible in increasing the graph in the required direction. Talking in details about the opportunities- here is the list:

Finest quality of education

Communication technology helps in offering the finest level of quality education to the students. Due to the internet and smartphones, education has been uplifted in many ways. It was easy for the teachers as well as students to get hold of educational material.

Easy communication

Education is all about expressing and impressing the thought process. The communication plays an integral role in ensuring that you are able to express and mould your thought process in the required direction. The easy communication aspect helps in ensuring that the required knowledge flows in a precise manner. With the invention of smartphones and easy connectivity, it has become easy to get a hold of proper and channel wise communication.

Easy access of study material

Talking about the benefits, we cannot deny from the fact that with the communication technology, it was easy for the students and teachers to offer study material. Communication technology has helped in ensuring that there is an easy and swift access to the educational material. Be the part of the change and start adapting the communication technology in your teaching as well as learning experience.

Challenges faced while establishing the Communication Technology in education

In the upper section, we talked about the benefits and opportunities that come with the implementation of communication technology. But, there are certain risks or challenges that are being encountered by the officials.

Difficulty to set up

Though the nation has seen an upward growth in the digital sector, there are certain areas that are not able to attain all the benefits. There are many remote areas where the digitization concept has not seen its full growth. There are certain difficulties that have arisen and are said to be faced if we thought of establishing the communication technology in the education sectors.

Here is the list of challenges one can face:

  1. Not everyone has a smart phones
  2. Internet is still not available to many remote areas
  3. Forget about internet, electricity is a concern for many regions/ area
  4. Difficulty in making students/ teachers /guardians to understand the technology
  5. Vulnerability of leaking of sensitive information via cyber crime

And the list is long. India is a developing nation and has a major imbalance when we speak about the growth of a particular region to another. Due to diverse and huge differences between the regions, the challenges will be different for many locations and regions. One has to follow the individual approach for the same. This can help in getting results at ground level.


The road to success is long. One has to cover certain time lapses to reach the desired destination. Communication Technology has a huge impact on the education sector. The overall success ratio can not be denied. The certainty and vulnerability goes hand in hand in case of communication technology implementation in the education industry.

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