Essay on Accepting Positive and Negative Criticism

Essay Topic: Accepting Positive and Negative Criticism

What is criticism?

“Few people have the wisdom to prefer the criticism that would do them good, to the praise that deceives them.” – this is a famous quote of criticism by François de La Rochefoucauld. Criticism is the disapproval of people, not because you have certain flaws, but for having these flaws different from your own. In typical terms, criticism is defined as ‘the process or the human nature of judging another human for their mistakes, especially to correct them’. Although, it is a corrective exercise, not all people can handle criticism very well. Different people respond differently to criticism. It all depends on the type of criticism, whether it is positive or negative.  The word criticism is in itself a very negative and misunderstood word of this era. People don’t realise the golden value of criticism, and they often ignore it. If critical comments or the criticism is taken in a positive manner, it can definitely change your life for good.

Essay on Accepting Positive and Negative Criticism

To accept criticism, we have to first understand it’s categories.

  1. Positive Criticism: Positive criticism is often called constructive criticism because it converts your potential energy into practical energy. It can boost the morale of an individual. If you start working towards improving yourself, then it can shape your future in a better way.
  2. Negative Criticism: Negative criticism is also called as “destructive criticism”. It has harsh effects on an individual’s personality. If you are being criticised in a negative way, the results will be negative, whatever the case is. In certain cases, it lowers the morale and self confidence of the person.

How to accept Positive and Negative Criticism?

Wise are those who learn from their mistakes and criticism of others. It is always safe to learn from criticism rather than making a mistake on your end and then rectifying it. Always remember that it is not the situation that matters, but your instant reaction in that situation matters the most. Criticism can surely encourage some emotional  upheaval in you, but control that and analyse the situation.

Always remember to be an active listener. Firstly, a good listener always listens and focuses on the details. They don’t listen for the sake for listening it. Secondly, a focused listener will analyse all the points in his/her mind. Lastly, he will work towards completing that goal to respond.

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Whenever we are criticised, we don’t react. It is our brain that reacts abruptly. Here, the fault is ours. We have trained our brain to answer the criticism on the spot on the basis on preconceived notion of that subject. To escape this situation, you need to concentrate on your listening skills. There can be a moment where your boss is criticizing you in a positive way. Due to the pre-defined and predetermined notions of your brain, you can misinterpret his positive attitude into a negative attitude.

Practice yoga and meditation, so that you can learn the art of keeping calm. You mind gets tamed when you concentrate. The most perfect way to handle criticism is by keeping your calm, not silent though. Calmness inculcates positivity in us and we are able to hold our emotions.

In case of negative criticism, learn to discuss the problem. Remember, here discussion doesn’t mean an argument and a verbal fight. Listen what the other person is saying. Understand it. Keep your point of view. Give him the time to acknowledge it. Work on it, if it’s your fault. It will only make you a better individual. This will helps towards creating an effective team building.

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Many historical philosophers have stated that human nature is designed in such a way that we will love to die for praise, but we cannot live with criticism. According to Gautama Buddha, criticism is a free gift from one human to the other. We must accept it and return back a more improvised version of this gift.

Never deny any feedback. Always ask for reviews. It plays a critical role in developing your personality. Always remember that devil is in the denial. Try to find a logic and think rationally. Say a big no to below the belt malicious criticism.


We, hereby, conclude by saying that to accept criticism, you must respond in an optimistic way through your work and not just react spontaneously. An instant reaction out of rage and anger can retard your growth. It can widen the gap between opportunities and success. So, learn to accept criticism. Work on yourself. Keep a positive attitude even in a negative thing like a winner’s attitude.

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