Essay and meaning of Hopе springs eternal

Essay Topic: Essay and meaning of Hopе springs eternal


Hope is what binds our emotions together and allows us to feel the light through the dark times. As spring rejuvenates the weather and fills it with life, hope brings a purpose to life. In various situations, whenever any person works for a true purpose, he is driven by hope.

When a creature strives to achieve something meaningful, he carries hope in his heart that keeps him going. Loss of hope is the loss of life!

As Alexander Pope stated in one of his famous creations An Essay on Man,

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;

Man never Is, but always To be blest.

The soul, uneasy, and confin’d from home,

Rests and expatiates in a life to come


Essay and meaning of Hope Springs Etеrnаl

Hope is Omniscient:

During Arduous Situation

When people are in distressed situations and nothing seem to work in their life, it is the hope that keeps them sane. The feeling of emerging and growing through the tough situations is the “hope” that actually lets them overcome the situation. Giving up feels easy but hoping for a positive change even during the agony needs courage. Doesn’t matter how bad the situation is, to yield positive outcomes, a person has to get up and work for the change by hoping for the good.

Being optimistic encourages us to work towards the goals of our lives. Hope eradicates pessimism by gathering our energy and endurance. It uplifts our mood and renders the power of creative thinking.

When illness prevails:

Hope works wonders for people who suffer from any illnesses. In the book “ the power of positive thinking” the author has given various references of incidents when patients diagnosed with grave ailments got better just by hoping for the best and holding onto positive thinking. During these crucial times, when situations offer only arduous possibilities of escaping from the pain, the slim threads of hope keep the human persisted and preserved against the tough walls.

Have you ever noticed a doctor asking the family of the patient to help him by surrounding him with a positive aura and fill his mind with hope so that he can show signs of improvement? This is because sometimes it is not the medicine that works, it is the “hope” that a person sticks to and that bestows the internal strengths to fight the disease. It may sound dramatic but trust me, hope enables you to withstand, heal, and thrive as a person. The constant feeling of helplessness and seeing only the dark side never let you achieve what you deserve.

Hopeful Future:

When people believe in some superstitions such as; using charms and amulets to reverse bad luck and keeping evil energies away, they hope that these will work as a security blanket for them. I am not endorsing any kind of odd-practices here, I cited this just as an example that no matter how dire the circumstances are, it is the “Hope” that people chase around them.

:-Your not-so-privileged- father endeavored to give you the best education so that you land a good job and your future gets secured. He did this by carrying a strong expectation of your bright future.


:-Adults work hard to earn more and more, to provide a sustainable life to the family. They hope that their efforts bring fruitful results for his loved ones.


:-A mother always hopes for the best for her child.

:-When an innocent child writes his wishes for Christmas, he hopes all to get fulfilled.

The spiritual hope

Hope has a spiritual sense. People who put their faith in God, trust that their life will be shielded by their idol. This secular and religious feeling takes the form of hope that during periods of darkness pushes us towards the light.

Hope and False Hope

But the real hope and false hope are two opposite scenarios. False hopes are destructive and delusional. Suppose you are sitting on a couch, eating fast food all day and hoping that nothing bad will happen to you as you are a positive thinker and always hope for the good  Well my friends, this is a pathetic assumption.

In order to get the desired results, hope needs to be accompanied by positive action too. Unless you attempt to change the situation, hope stands still and waits for you to take action!

Conclusion: Hope: It is like an anchor for our lives….it enters in through the veil, rightly said.! Whenever we are perplexed, our problems seem insurmountable that is when the internal candles of hope should be lit the inner hope needs to be retained. It turns things around for you and helps you gain true wisdom that lasts with you for a lifetime.

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