Debate On YouTube


YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms. This platform is a large source of videos on any topic. A lot of entrepreneur businesses have gained success by advertising on these platforms. Not just a great advertising tool, YouTube is a great platform to learn new skills. As every technology has its pros, and cons, YouTube can also be a bad influence when used in an incorrect way. In this debate, we will look at both sides of the technology in detail.

Debate On YouTube

In Support Of YouTube

Quick, And Easy Sharing Of Ideas

Supporters of YouTube strongly believe that it is a great tool to share ideas quickly, and easily. This is an open, and free to access website that benefits people of all age groups to access and share content easily with others. Users can sign in and share their viewpoints over a specific content.

Open for everyone

YouTube does not discriminate anyone on the basis of age, caste, gender etc. It is made for everyone to use and benefit from it. Available in various languages, you can view this easily and enrich your knowledge without any fee.

Affordable means of marketing

YouTube is one of the best marketing tools that acts as a great income source too. It is the best platform for entrepreneurs, and businesses to advertise their products, and services without any significant expenditure.

YouTube has a reputation of making several unknown businesses, and products popular all around the world. This is done by way of their exclusive advertisement that has greatly assisted several business organizations so far. Wherever you are, you can access information about any product easily.

Innumerable “How-to” Learning Aids

YouTube is a vast repository online videos that are available nearly on all topics. You just need to name a topic, and you will get a hundred of videos on it. Be it health, fitness, investment, academics, or entertainment, YouTube is the best source for knowledge, and learning.

People from different regions, have contributed their own helpful ideas, tutorials, and suggestions, in the simplest way to solve the problem. These helpful tutorials are ideal for knowledge distribution, problem-solving, and skill attainment.

Educational purposes:

YouTube is also beneficial for students. There are plenty of educational videos that helps in enhancing knowledge of a student. Videos are seen to be more effective than textbooks that makes it easy for students to understand a topic.

Enhance A Skill

YouTube is one of the forms to fastest ways to viewed any online content. There are various videos that helps in enriching the skills of a person. It is an excellent source to learn any new skill without enrolling for a course and paying its fee.

You can find dancing videos, cooking videos, makeup videos, music videos, art, and craft videos, that can help you learn, or excel in any area. Enhancing your skills, enhances confidence and prepares a student for any event, cultural celebration etc.

Technology Review

Before buying a technological gadget, YouTube serves as the best means to read review about any apps, gadgets, mobile devices, and software. Learning about these videos will help people form an effective buying decision.

In Opposition to YouTube:

Improper content

One of the major drawbacks of YouTube is the content served on the website is without any age-related access restrictions. As all the content is open, and free here, YouTube is increasing crime in the society. The innocent minds of children can’t differentiate between good, and bad; right and wrong. Whatever they see impact their minds. There are a lot of unrestricted violent, and criminal videos on YouTube that is inappropriate for young minds.

Kills time, and productivity

As videos are a fast way to access, and gain information, a lot of people excessively use this tool. Sometimes they waste their time by watching YouTube without any purpose. By getting distracted with YouTube videos, and unable to spend time on job, or studies, it kills the productivity in a person.

Free For All Commenting  

YouTube comment wars have brought a lot of negative reputation in the society. On YouTube there are no restrictions on what you can comment on any video. It has been seen that as any video starts to become viral and gaining popularity, its comment sections get hijacked by attackers.

These hijackers endlessly comment on those videos. They do it on purpose to gain attention of online viewers.   It can be violent or sexual remarks that diminishes the reputation of the video owner. The result is that companies or people do not wish to associated with such owners.

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