Debate on The Youth of Today

Debate on The Youth of Today

Each generation has different sets of an individual. They behave according to the prevailing environment besides them. Everyone is different. They ought to be. Each generation throws diverse challenges on society. Each of us has the right to be different. Similar is the case with the youth of today’s generation. For instance, let’s compare three generations subsequently. The immediate challenge for my grandparents was survival. They had to go through the tension of World War and the resulting period of the Cold War. As youths, they couldn’t concentrate on studies or their career, but they constantly had to fear for their lives. Nations were at war. Destruction was everywhere. Countries were secretly manufacturing nuclear weapons and ammunitions for mass destruction. Poverty and hunger were very common. For my parent’s generations, challenges were completely different. They had to face the wrath of recession. At that time, the world including developing countries was facing downward or zero growth. My parent’s experienced an era of inflation and stagnating wages. They saw the economy in poor shape. Despite having higher education degrees, people were unable to fetch jobs. Now, in my generation, the challenge of Coronavirus has stood. After the world got hit by a pandemic, billions of people died, and millions lost their jobs. There is so much restlessness around. The immediate challenge for me is to successfully get through this phase without being infected with the virus. So, my grandparents, my parents, and I am facing different challenges which are shaping our personalities.

Debate on The Youth of Today

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Each generation has its own charms. The youth of today is dealing with many issues. The first problem is their anger issues. The youth of today is acting out very impatiently. They don’t want to be bound within the laid rules and regulations. Rather they want to set their rules formulated by them. The irony is that the youth of today’s generation is not mindful of their actions and it’s consequences. They are not at all cool minded. They jump into the situation hot-headedly and try to handle it by losing their calm. Youth of today’s generation must adhere to the necessary rules and regulations. They must listen eagerly to elderly advice.

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The second issue that the youth of today’s generation is facing is of being a ‘rudderless generation’. They don’t have a motivational figure to follow. They are leaderless. Today’s youth doesn’t seek parental advice. They are bound with the principles of compulsive irreverence. They believe defiance of parental authority to be the right step. The youth revolts against the social codes of conduct without taking the initiative to understand them. Their behaviour is unconventional. It is advisable for today’s youth to seek parental advice and stay true to their cultural roots.

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The third issue with today’s youth is violence. They are attracted to violence and drugs at a rapid pace. If their voices are not heard by the authorities, they take it to the street to protest. While it is constitutionally correct to protest, provided it must be peaceful. The protests or rallies organised by these youth are not at all peaceful. At a youthful age, today’s generation has encountered the world of drugs and alcohol addiction too soon.

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The fourth issue is that the youth lacks the emotional values of empathy towards others. They are busy focusing on their career and making it brighter. The youth doesn’t indulge in social services or community work. They are all interested in reaping huge profits and filling their coffers. This is not a negative thing at all. But the youth must contribute towards social service also. They must involve themselves in constructive activities more than destructive activities.

The fifth problem is of being restless. The youth of today’s generation is consumed with the feeling of restlessness. They want instant solutions, rewards, or success. They don’t want to work harder. Most teenagers get the monthly pocket money from their parents and the will to try something creative faints very quickly. The lack of opportunities in their respective nations makes them more restless. They are aware of political corruption and internal strife going around.

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On the youth, the youth of today’s generation needs to be taught with virtues of compassion, generosity, humbleness, honestly, and calmness. They ought to be better citizens for their parents, their future generations, and their country. They ought to be better individual not for anyone else but for themselves alone. Remember that it is easy to find faults and point fingers at others. Hence, we must support the youth of today’s generation and correct them whenever they go wrong.

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