Debate On Social Media

The debate around the impact of social media on present generation is a hot topic. Social media has a massive influence in our daily life. Tweeting, posting photos on Instagram and Facebook, Snapchatting and regularly updating your followers undoubtedly impacts our life. The question is that is it all gloom and doom?

Debate On Social Media

Though there are several stories and facts about the side effects of social media on the health, there are various positives of the increasingly digital world too. Here, in this post, we are going to discuss about the ongoing debate on the impact of social media on the society.


Opponents of social media says that children have become insensitive towards family needs. The growing use of the social media, has made people indifferent and absorbed in themselves.

Proponents of social media believes that social media has made their child more social and focused. It serves as a platform for children to grow. It is a free platform to learn new skills and talents and also to showcase their talents and forte to make more followers and fans throughout the globe. This huge massive stage presents ample opportunities to youth to spread a word about their business and improves its visibility. So, spending time on social media will help them shape their career and enhance their personality.

Social media has given a platform to socialize to people who were lazy to bond, socialize, meet other likeminded people. It has provided a sense of community and voice to the ones who would struggle doing social interactions. Social media is seen to be one of the best mediums to bring connectivity to people who are in need.


Opponents of social media believe that it leads to less human interaction, and misses out on important connectivity. As a result of it, people are becoming depressed and lonely. By spending significant portion of time on social media, around thirteen percentage of the overall adult population are seen to be devoid of friends. Also, connecting with strangers (virtual friends) in place of real friends can pose problems in future.

The proponents of social media believe that most of the people use social media without experiencing any effect on their public interaction skills, conversations and social skills. Users of social media do not feel any sort of social disconnection or social displacement. Exposure to social media does not lead to any feeling of aloofness in them.

Use of social media does not impact the social life of the individual. Posting pictures on social media or interacting with friends does not make you forget your day to day jobs like eating, working, sleeping etc. Social media is just an addition to your routine lifestyle that adds some excitement to it.

Health problems

Opponents believe that exposure to social media causes development of health issues in a person. A few health concerns that can arise due to engagement in social media are sleep apnea, depression, eye sight problems, trauma, stress etc.

This is not universal truth. Each and every individual is different. Social media is not negative for everyone. It also has positive effects on some people. Those who are prone to mental health problems are prone to have a negative impact from social media. It can be a trigger or addiction just like a drug to some people. However, for a majority of the population, social media is a perfect way to remain connected with close ones and also to the world.


Opponents of social media believes that it plays a major role in lowering the self-esteem of people. The unending scrolling of perfect models makes people less confident of their own body. A lot of time and energy is wasted in trying to present a flawless, organized and, untrue version of our own self in front of people.

There is a close relation between spending time on social media and negatively comparing the physical image of a person. A lot of retouching and editing using several filters is done before they get posted on social media. This adversely impacts the self-esteem of a person.

According to proponents, social media brings happiness, self-love, confidence, hope and beauty to people. It gives opportunity to people to share their passion and creativity. Instagram artists, and fashionistas who earlier lacked the confidence are now pursuing their goals by making a career via social media channels. The act of comparing our bodies to television stars has been there before the advent of social media. This channel aims to boost confidence rather than bringing it down.


Just like lifestyle and food, balancing the usage of social media is the right course of action. Mental health and overall well-being should be your foremost priority. Keep your happiness over everything else even if it requires to remove certain networking platforms or limiting the content that you see online.

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