Debate On Same Sex Marriage

Debate Topic:  Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage, also called as gay marriage has been legally accepted in 37 states of the world. In a few states, it is still not legalized. Proponents of gay marriage says that ban on gay marriage are unconstitutional, and discriminatory. Couples who have the same sex should have complete access to the advantages as couples with different sex. Opponents believe that marriage is conventionally defined as between a man and a woman. It is meant for procreation. Marriages between same sex defeats the purpose and is unacceptable by the society. This article takes you through the arguments in favor and against of same sex marriage.

Debate On Same Sex Marriage

It is not right to deny the right to marry

Denying people from marrying is discriminatory. A ban on Gay marriage ban hurt their sentiments. It discriminates them on the grounds of gender and deprives them from becoming same-sex couples. Their families do not enjoy equal dignity as the family of heterosexual couples. Same gender couples are labelled and treated as 2nd class citizens. They also lack the worth of participation in fundamental institutions of the society.”

Though since ages, we have fought against discrimination. We have raised out voice to support for equality for women, disabled people, immigrants, racial minorities, etc. Legalization of gay marriage is ethical and people should not hesitate in supporting it. Such discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation of a person is unacceptable. Gay marriage should be given the same status as the heterosexual marriage.

Right to enjoy same benefits

Couples of the same gender should get access to the same level of advantages that are enjoyed by heterosexual married couples. Such benefits include granting tax, health insurance benefits, retirement benefits, equitable property division etc. Same-sex couples who are denied from marriage benefits incurred an additional loss in expenses over their life compared to married heterosexual couples. An unmarried woman pays a lot more throughout her life than a married woman in terms of taxes, healthcare, and medical expenses too.

Definition of marriage has changed

Now with progressing society, the entire concept of a “conventional marriage” has modified. The definition of marriage between a man and a woman is not inaccurate. People have become broader minded. Their thinking and opinions are changing for the better. Official unifications between couples of same genders are believed to become common in the coming years.

Protected by Constitution

Marriage between gays is protected by the constitution that advocates equality and liberty among people in the world. According to the constitution, it is stated that there should be liberty of personal choice in regards to family life and marriage. Banning a gay marriage is seen as against constitution that states no person should be deprived of liberty, property and life without any legal reason.

Marriage is basic right for everyone

Marriage is globally recognized as a human right for everyone. Marriage between same gender couples is a fundamental and a civil right. It is a right that assures all women and men of marriageable age to marry without any restriction due to nationality, sexual orientation, religion or race.

Arguments in against to same gender marriage

Against the traditional institution of marriage

The foundation of marriage is conventionally defined between a woman and a man. It has been accepted by all key religions and governments of the world. Marriage is seen as a merger of woman and man that involves the reproduction and nurturing of children in a family. All over the history of a mankind, marriage has been stated as the bodily and spiritual union of a man and a woman.

Doesn’t serve the main purpose of marriage

The basic purpose of marriage is procreation. It can’t include same-sex couples as they can’t produce children of their own. Permitting a gay marriage is a step to shift the objective of marriage from giving birth to children and raising them than adult gratification. This is one of the major reasons that makes “same gender” marriage illegal.

Need for both father and mother

Children require the support and care of both a father and a mother. This will ensure sound mental development. In absence of the support of fathers, it has been seen that there are greater chances of engaging in early sexual activity. This can lead to teen pregnancy. On the other hand, children deprived of the support from a mother lack emotional security. Children that are brought up by parents who faced difficulties in their same-sex relationships such as unemployment and sexual abuse, also goes through similar experiences in their later life.

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