Debate On Religion


Religion has been a highly debatable issue since centuries. Supporters of religion believe that religion brings a sense of belongingness among people, and provides them moral guidance, and life purpose.  On the other hand, opponents of religion view it as a source of war, irrational restrictions, and persecution. Where religion infuses faith in people, it has the potential to divide people.

Debate On Religion

Supporters of Religion

Gives life purpose

Religion gives purpose, and meaning to mankind. Without it, people can feel like life to be empty. It can cause them depression, anger, and anxiety. Religion brings meaning to life of people.

Uplifts people

Religion helps in uplifting the spirits of people, and guide them on the right path. Religion teaches morality to people. It motivates people to do what is noble and just.

Brings hope to people

Religion fills heart and inspiration to face tough times with courage. Holy books, and teachings such as the Bible, Hindu Vedas, and koran, are sources of great wisdom. Religion inspires some of the greatest architectures, arts, sculptures, and writings.

Motivate people to do noble task

Another important significance of religion is that it helps the poor, and needy sections of the society. There are several charities that are conducted by religious organizations, that provides help to the deprived sections on the planet. In addition to monetary help, they also take care of people by providing them care, compassion, and love.

Unite people

Religion is seen to unite people. People get along with each other by sharing common values, aims, and moral systems.

Brings solace to people

Religion provides the right direction to people when faced with crisis. Rituals, and rites offer structure, and comfort for people as they go through the ups, and downs of life.

Make a person cultured

Crime is at its peak in the society. People adopt unethical means to get the task done. Religion is an antidote to the growing criminal activities in the society. Religion teaches human values in people that helps in curbing anti-social tendencies, violence, dishonesty and other negative traits in human. It makes a person cultured and sophisticated.

Bring people together

Due to religion, people come together, organize and socialize. Churches, synagogues, temples, and temples, are best places for social gathering.

Leads to great works

Religion is one of the things that leads to several honorable, and upright work in the world. There are several great temples, mosques, Gurudwara, churches and other brilliant architectures that brings solace, and instills faith in people.

Cons of Religion

Leads to conflict

Since historic times, religion has been seen as a been a source of war, and conflict among people. Religious makes people believe that their religion is supreme, and right and all the other religions are false.

Baseless stories

Many people are led by baseless, unproven and superficial stories that is made to manipulate the mind of people. The ancient stories of supernatural forces, and rules, miracles, people becoming alive from dead state have no truth in them.

Discriminate people

Religion encourages prejudice against minority sections that includes women, racial groups, and gay people.

Makes one narrow minded

Religion is also seen to discourage freedom of inquiry and confines freedom of thought in people. It encourages the notion that important questions of life can only be found only in a specific book, or fixed belief system.

Loyalty in question

Following a religious leader is not safe for people nowadays. Daily we come to know that so called priest, religious leaders, and preachers are dishonest and misguide people. Thus, loyalty of these religious leaders is doubtful, and questionable.

Restrict people from progressing

Religion is seen to hold back people from progressing. It does not encourage scientific discoveries, and inventions.

Make people fearful

Often it is seen that religious people are fearful of the concept of God, Hell etc. The purpose of religion is not to threaten people, but to fill them with faith and power.

A means to Divide and Rule

As people are swayed by religion, crooked leaders use it as a weapon to enrich themselves, and fulfill their objective. Since historic times, several wars have taken place to disunite people on the grounds of people, and rule them. Some of these wars are Gujarat communal riots (1969), Anti-Sikh rites (1984), Bombay riots (1992), Godhra Train Burning (2002), Assam Violence (2012), Demolition of Babri Masjid (1992), Marad Massacre (2003) etc.

Makes people unaccountable and irresponsible

Many people take religion as an excuse to forgives themselves from personal responsibility. They say that God has communicated them to do the job and so they did it.

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