Debate On Politics


Politics is considered as the science of government. It is that important aspect of ethics that deals with the governance, and regulation of a state, or a nation. It helps in preserving the peace, prosperity, and safety in the country against foreign conquest.

Debate On Politics

When the politics is in the right hands, it helps in extension of resources, protection of the citizens, and their rights, and enhancement, and preservation of their morals. On the other hand, if it is executed by dishonest people, then it can turn out to be a virtual monster that has the potential to destroy the life of everyone who made it.

In Favor of Politics


One of the primary advantages of politics is organization. Politics enable the selection of the best possible candidate for the representation of specific ideas, or values to run an office.

Aids in quick decision-making

Another benefit of politics is that they can come together as a unit, debate ideas and form policies, and legislation that quickly benefits everyone. This is only possible when the party is properly organized, and managed.

Safeguards nation against special interest investments

Without political parties, all rich people who had contributed to election campaigns would have selection and won. Political parties enable people who share similar interests, and values to assemble together to offset the economic influences. Presence of politics imply that the voters get an opportunity to group together to avoid such paid influences.

Encourage public participation

Political parties when organized in a demonstrative form motivates an average person to be active. They tell people to become informed about specific conditions happening in the society, and take their stand on such issues. A majority of political parties inspire members to run political offices at different levels of government.

Politics create balances, and checks

Political parties are planned to bring candidates together to enable negotiations over leadership, and power over legislation. The objective of creating political parties is to form a system of balances, and checks to prevent a person or a group from seizing excessive authority in representative governments.

In Against Of Politics


Compromise is the basic drawback of politics. Many people view it as a dirty ground where there is a lot of corruption, dishonesty, and greed. People who are interested in joining politics have to live in such kind of atmosphere and agree to it even when it does not fit to their requirements.

Politics is abusive

Not every government is a demonstrative type of government. Dictatorships, and Communism also has political groups. The objective of such groups is more about enactment of expectations, and laws in place of being politically active. If any political party has got a lot of strength or authority in a society, then it becomes abusive in nature.

Encourage polarization

Politics sometimes bring people together, and other times tear people apart. There is a specific level of righteousness allocated to the platform. Some agree to it and get inspired, while others feel demotivated, and disagree to it.

In this way, politics create polarization among people. It creates polarization, and division at some level. By representation of different ideas, it creates interest in certain sections of society in quest of learning something new.

Prioritize themselves

In politics, parties spend a lot of money on election campaigns to seek abundance of votes. The amount of money that is spent in just a single election is enough to solve hunger issues in the world for one whole year. Political parties prioritize themselves to be in power. The money that is spent by these parties is viewed as an investment for the future.

Sacrifice individuality

Another disadvantage of politics is that in most of the occasions a candidate has to sacrifice your individuality. Every individual goes through different situations in life and have their personal opinions with respect to any situation.

The structure of politics, is designed in a way, that often the group voice takes over the individual voice. Even if minority sections provided useful observation or details, they are left unheard and attended. People generally move in the direction where the majority is.

Invites corruption

Corruption permeates throughout the politics. Opponents believe that politics is a dirty game where corruption is present at stages of its operation. Right from electoral voting system, to execution of government, corruption is established in the entire structure of politics. Almost all political parties are driven by their selfish motives and so influence people, community, and nation to fulfill their interests.


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