Debate on Online Classes

Debate Topic: What is Online Classes, benefits, pros and cons and importance?

Online classes- Should have or should not have?

Are you a guardian or parent to a kid who is attending the schools? If yes, you might be well aware of the concept of online classes. There are many discussions doing round over whether one should have these online classes or should not. The matter is under discussion and till now, no one has come to a common conclusion.

To add more points on the discussion, here is our take on the concept of online classes. However, we would love to discuss both negative and positive impacts of both on kids and the parents as well.


Debate on Online Classes

Let us dig about the positive impacts first.

Positive impact of online classes

To begin with, the first thing I would like to highlight is that online classes give the privilege to the students to continue their classes without any worry of lockdown or any nationwide closure. For instance, 2020 was a year of complete lockdown. People had locked themselves in their houses and barely anyone moved out of the place. In such cases, students were forced to discontinue reaching out to the schools. So, what next? How do students survive a year of education without stepping out of the school? The answer was simple. They follow a simple strategic rule of shifting to the online platform. The era of education had seen a major switch from the traditional schooling ways to modern and digital ways of getting classes. Even the assignments, notes and tests- everything was done on the digital platform.

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Another important benefit that we need to discuss about online classes is that students of any age group have become familiar with the use of technology. Not only the students, but for a change, teachers had their own share of learnings with online classes. From setting up the classes schedule to digital platforms to taking up the classes on the online platform, everything was entirely different from the normal ways. In other words, we could say that teachers got prepared for this new normal of the world.

In a nutshell, online classes were equally beneficial for students and teachers as it was a learning experience for both the parties.

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Negative impact of online classes

In the above section, we discussed how it has positively impacted our lives. Now, let’s go to another chapter of reality where the concept of online classes has been proven harmful to many.

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It has increased the screen time of the students. It simply means that regardless of the age group of the students, they need to devote their time on the digital screens. This has impacted the eyesight and mental development of many students. For senior sections, the online classes shifted to 4 or 5 hours minimum a day, Which means your child needs to be on the screen. It might give them more exposure to the screen. This can be a little dangerous in the coming times. And it can strain their eyes too.

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Another negative impact that you can have with the online classes is that it hampers with the social skills of the individuals. As your child will always be on the screen and is only  doing virtual meetings with the people, he might lose his confidence to meet people. This can interfere with the normal growth of the individual. If the online classes are going to happen for a longer time, it might let the child slow down the growth. And in coming times, this can impact his overall personality too. He might become hesitant to the outer world and can shift his personality to an introvert.

Apart from the physical and mental blocks one can have with the online classes, the overall social blocks need to be addressed too. Due to these online classes, students are not meeting their classmates and this is making them socially disconnected with the outer world.

Summing up

There is a highlight associated with the concept of online classes and a lowlight too. Both are important and can not be ignored at any of the cost. As a parent or guardian your concern about child screen time is genuine but at the same time, picking up the right strategy to continue the school of your child is also important.

We hereby rest our debate with the fact that your child needs a real world to live in. However, looking at the current situation, it is also true that your child might need to attend the online classes due to this pandemic. The final decision is all yours!

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