Debate On Homework


Homework has been a controversial topic among parents, students and teachers. Where teachers view it as one of the ways to improve the understanding on a topic, parents, and students find it burden and an unnecessary stress. In this article, we will look at both pros, and cons of the homework to find whether it is harmful or beneficial for a student.

Debate On Homework

Pros Of Homework

Better Scores

One of the major benefits of homework, is that it aids in improving the test scores, and grades of a student. It has been seen that thirty minutes of daily homework results in increase in the overall GPA score of a child by up to 0.5 points. Homework acts as a form of revision. With more practice, and solving problems, it helps him to master that topic.

On solving questions on the topic that was taught in the class, he gains better understanding on the subject. Also, while solving problems, he may find difficulties that he could not identify in the classroom. When he clears the doubt in the next classroom session, his clarity on the topic increases. This helps him score better grades in the examination.

Develop Study Habits

Another important advantage of doing homework is that it helps in development of study or learning habit in a student. Homework is essential for those students who do not have much inclination towards learning. It is beneficial for students who are not self-motivated or keen to do studies. Homework is one of the ways by which a student has to devote time and make effort to learn, and study. The instructive comments as a feedback provided by the teacher contribute a lot in improvising their learning.

Tracks student’s performance

Teachers are in favor of homework as it enables them to track the understanding, and performance of a student. By looking at the regularity of homework, teachers can evaluate who are punctual in doing homework and who are not. It assists students in helping those students in providing special attention to the weak students, and who lack understanding on any specific topic.

Brings family members closer

Another benefit of homework is that children seek assistance of their parents or siblings in completion of their homework. Their guidance helps them gaining understanding on any topic on which they have got stuck. In this way, they form close bonding with their family members.

Enhances confidence

A student who has been completing his assignments on time, will have confidence of his preparation for the exam. Due to daily homework, he will be rest assured that he is capable to clear the test with good marks. On the contrary, a student who does not get homework can have fear about his performance in the exam.

Makes a child responsible

Another important benefit of doing homework on a regular basis is development of a sense of responsibility in a child. He knows he has to submit the assignment next day, so he will cut on outdoor activities, and put time, and effort to complete his homework. Homework makes him more punctual, and responsible towards his studies.

Cons Of Homework

Don’t get time to relax

The first and foremost complaint that parents have is that their children get so much homework that they don’t get time to relax at home. They become stressed out and it kills their productivity. A lot of homework makes these innocent kids full of tension, anxiety, and fear. This can be a very daunting experience for these little brains.

Reduces participation in outdoor activities

There has to be a balance between extra-curricular activities, and studies. When students are assigned a lot of homework, then it deprives them from indulging in play activities that is equally important for their sound development.

Reduces time with families

When children are loaded with work, then they don’t have much time to interact with their families. They are too much engrossed completing their homework. This reduced family time adversely impacts the development of the growing child. Sometimes, due to lack of time, and work pressure, a student can’t discuss any mental, behavioral, social or physical issues that he might be facing in class or any other place.

Encourage cheating

When the teacher assigns a lot of homework to their students, then it encourages cheating. This is because they can’t complete the assignment due to short of time, and are scared to face the teacher’s reaction. This makes them copy other’s assignment to finish their assignments. This type of copy paste practice doesn’t benefit neither the student, not the teacher.

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