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Beyond air, and water, food is the next universal thing on this planet. It is one of the major discussions of debate for people. There is seen a difference of opinion among people in the way food is produced, eaten, and distributed. This is the cause for some interesting food debates.

Where some debates are related to the preference of eating a dish, other debates go a little deeper than just a preference. They stir the emotions of people, and become hot topic of discussion on social media. These debates define our present generation. We have come up with some classic food controversies, and debates.

Debate On Food

What Is An Authentic American Food?

Some people say that America does not have its own traditional food culture. The menu served in American restaurants as US specialties comprise of cheeseburgers, French fries, pizza, fried chicken, and hot dogs. None of these items are truly American. It is combination of traditional foods of different countries.

However, opponents say that the pizza versions of Italy, and US are completely different, with no similarity in them. Also, hot dogs, and hamburgers that are served at US restaurants are entirely their own due to distinctive melting pot. American dishes have their unique methods of preparation that makes it unique, and special than other nations.

It Is Okay To Eat Raw Dough, Or Lick The Beaters?

This is one of the highly commonest questions of food debate in the modern age. People want to know is it safe for them to lick the beaters, swallow raw eggs, or ingest “raw” cookie dough.

Where some people have no problem in indulging all these eating styles, others are strictly against them. Some people support it by saying it builds their immunity power, others have apprehension about risking their kid’s safety, compromised body’s defense mechanism, and surviving salmonella and other health complications.

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Does Eating Charred Food Raise The Possibility Of Cancer

When you eat too much of blackened, or charred food like grilled meat, it actually raises your chances of cancer. This opinion is based on the studies done on rats. When food gets cooked at a very high enough temperature, then it releases a chemical named “acrylamide” that leads to higher possibilities of getting cancer. Opponents believe that overcooked, or blackened food sees no direct link of causing cancer.

Does Food ‘Intolerance’ Still Exist?

Most of the people are choosing gluten-free food due to being sensitive to gluten-based foods. People who have intolerance to gluten, suffers from bowel, and stomach issues i.e., irritable bowel syndrome. Gluten foods like white pasta, and breads have negligible fiber, and raises blood sugar.

White foods, when not replaced by whole grains, would suffer from a low-fiber diet and bowel issues. problems. Opponents believe that to overcome bowel issues they do not need any gluten-free diet, but adopt a healthy diet. They should eat more of fiber, and whole grains to keep digestive issues at bay than going for a strict gluten-free diet.

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Is It Necessary To Add Salt To Pasta Water?

A majority of culinary schools teaches people to add salt to their pasta water as a good cooking practice. According to them, it is not possible to add salt to pasta when it is prepared. So, adding salt to the pasta water is the right time to add desired flavor to your dish.

However, opponents who prefer low-sodium say that it is not necessary to do it as in several pasta items, coating your pasta in the sauce, and using the right pasta for the right kind of sauce, and coating it properly with the sauce so that it covers it evenly is sufficient to get the desired flavor. This way right use of sauce will avoid the need of addition of salt.

Is It Uncultured To Desire For Well-Done Steaks?

Steak is highly expensive, and considered to be one of the elitist foods. So, it comes with specific etiquette rules. Many chefs teach people to order their steak well-done, without any juice in it. However, opponents believe, that a little bit of juicy redness is needed to get the right flavor. The debate further extends, whether it is fine to add a little sauce on the steak.

People who prefer sauce say that it makes their steak more flavorful. However, esteemed steakhouses believe that addition of sauce shows to them that their quality of steak is not good and that it needs sauce to make it tastier. They take it as an insult by people who opt for ketchup on their truly phenomenal steaks that doesn’t really require it.

Is Pineapple Allowed On Pizza?

Pineapple on Pizza is another contentious issue. Some people do not like the combination of savory, and sweet. However, others believe that when a pineapple is cooked, it becomes less sweet, and that’s why it blends with the taste of pizza without making it too sweet.

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