Debate on Every citizen should be mandated to perform national public service

Debate on Every citizen should be mandated to perform national public service.

A national public service is an act of social welfare or public service that the citizens of a specific country perform for showcasing their patriotism. The citizens are expected to serve one specific day out of their busy schedules to help their respective nations. Public services are to be done free of cost. The main aim of offering public services is to develop a sense of responsibility in the citizens towards their motherland. Just as rights are important for each country. Similarly, national duties are also equally crucial. Public services include cleaning religious institutions, teaching at a private school, cooking food for poor and hungry people, donating clothes and books, helping the government agencies, offering labour, planting trees and many more. Although, social welfare is a selfless task. But there is an ever ending debate going on that whether or not public services should be made compulsory.

Debate on Every citizen should be mandated to perform national public service

The Bills of Rights was the first institutional charter which states the rights of the people. Along with the rights and freedoms, the document mentioned rules regarding the enforcement of public duties to be done duly by the citizens.  The constitution of every country states that it is the right of man, women and children to be free from bondage. But, they should follow the rules set up by the government authorities for the maintenance of peace, harmony and order.

National public service doesn’t necessarily mean to serve along with the front li e defence and army soldiers. Rather it is a broad term which encompasses many kind works and deeds under its category. Pursuing civilian projects such as opening a free of cost clinic for the poor, offering education services in low-income areas, maintaining infrastructure, give a helping hand to the elderly, and maintaining the infrastructure of the country.

All those who stand for the motion clearly state the point that just like citizen are allowed to ask or enforce their rights forcefully when they are devoid by any means. With the same logic, the governments are also allowed to enforce rules and regulations for the maintenance of National public service.

The main reason to support this noble cause is that to foster unity and solidarity among citizens. Imagine when the citizens will be called to render National public service, they will be of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. By working together, their bond will strengthen and it will encourage friendship between them. The growing sentiment of separatism would go away. The National Service will break the barriers of caste, race, sex, religion and place of birth. For example – the mid-Atlantic country of Pennsylvania compulsorily enforces the National Public Service programme. The main objective behind it is to promote civility and understanding in the civilians.

The scheme of National Public Service will help nations in boosting up their economies. Taking a view of the current situation of the Coronavirus pandemic, the world is in great economic loss. Some countries are going through a period of downward growth, also known as ‘recession’. Offering services at this time is of prime concern. It will aid other citizens too.

All those who are against the motion have several rock-solid reasons to prove their points. The foremost reason is the volunteer system is growing at an exponential rate. Mainly the young generation is taking social works seriously. Making public service compulsory rather than voluntary violates the principle of freedom of occupation. People must be self-aware of their respective duties to serve the nation when called upon to do so. For example – the Constitution of India mentions a chapter named ‘Fundamental Duties’. As the name suggests, these duties are fundamental for the citizens. But they are not enforceable by law. Hence, the government cannot punish you if you negate in serving the nation. They are voluntary. But the government asks valid reasons for not following their duties. Similar models can be followed by other countries. It is a delicate balance of rights and duties. No individual liberty or dignity is being compromised under this blended system.

National Public Service will severely hit the middle-class citizens who are often called the backbone of the country. They will have to invest more of their time, energy and resources into the services. Their entry into the jobs will be delayed.

Hence, it totally depends on an individual to go with the motion or against it. In my personal opinion, I think that the government must enforce compulsory National Public Service. Take your stance wisely after analysing both sides of the coin.

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