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Debate Topic: Debate on Education System


Do you know how many Indians go abroad every year to seek “quality education”? I am not happy to accept it, but the number is huge! That is not because India is so far behind in terms of providing quality to the students, maybe it is just the deep-rooted notions of people who think that India is lagging behind in this aspect.

I agree that there are some flaws, but we should not forget that many Indian students have made to various developed nations and landed a higher-paying job at big corporations there.

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Let’s have a look at both viewpoints.

The advantages of the Indian Education System:

The deep and fundamental knowledge

In India, the students are rendered the deep insights of every subject and taught every subject meticulously. Here, comprehensive education is provided to the learning. Children here have the privilege of understanding everything by theoretical aspects that help them to know the origins of everything.


Competitive environment

Indian education aims to make a student competitive so that he can excel in this contemporary world. The education system is designed in a way that forces the child to use his full potential and makes him ready to combat the fast pacing advanced world. In school and colleges, pupils are always inspired to build a competitive spirit and study hard to have an edge over others.


A well-designed system

The system of education in India is well-structured and it takes each level of students along. The annual system in schools allows the slow learners to maintain their progress and be ready by the end of the semester. Moreover, this annual system also helps bright students to do enough practice to grab extraordinary grades.


Periodical examination

Exams in India are held intermittently. Regular tests prepare the students for the annual exams. These exams are a major factor in a child’s learning and he gets to know about his strengths and shortcomings. These frequent exams intimate the learners about his shortcoming and before the final exams they can work on the limitations and eradicate all the weaknesses.

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Moral education

The inclusion of moral education in the primary and middle-class educational systems is what makes the Indian education system unique in the whole world.

Having a subject called “moral science” disputes the notion “ethics are something that cannot be taught”.Indian authorities have taken this step for inculcating the values in the students’ minds that can help them lead their life in a meaningful way. Many cultural festivals are also organized in schools and colleges to connect the new generation with their traditional roots.

Drawbacks in the education system:

The practical approach is lacking

Although basic and deep knowledge is given to the students, the knowledge ingrained in books does not tell them how these things are relevant in their real life.

The Indian education system does not make a student job-ready. In a survey, many organizations revealed that the newcomers have to be given a lot of training before putting them into their job roles. That is the result of the poor-teaching approach and mere knowledge of theoretical methods.


There is no denying the fact that the government of India is spending a petite proportion of its GDP on the education sector. Moreover, the government does not interfere in the fee ladder of the institutions. That is why the reputed educational institutes are free to charge high amounts in the name of quality education.

A trend of varying fees according to the quality of education has also been observed in India. The quality of education and the number of facilities are associated with the expense of it. It is sad to know that sometimes, a deserving aspirant in India remains deprived of quality education.

Exorbitant burden

Although Indian education makes the child competition-ready, some students feel an excessive burden and feel depressed. Not all students feel an inclination towards study, sometimes students keep sports or other activities on their priority list. When these types of students are made to do intense study, they feel perplexed and get stressed. A lot of suicidal cases have also been reported due to this unnecessary burden on students.

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The dearth of capable tutors

In some schools and colleges, experienced and efficient teachers are being replaced by incapable and inept teachers. Without a particular teacher training, educational institutions are employing unsuited teachers as they get ready to work on low salaries. This is the biggest drawback of the Indian education system. Teachers are like a hope for the students whom they rely upon to make their future.

Conclusion : 

The flaws can be taken care of if the government takes control of the education system and makes it student-oriented. When the educational institutes turn into business properties, then the future of any country holds is a big question mark.

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