Debate On Democracy

Debate Topic: Democracy


Democracy is described as “A government of the people, for the people, by the people”. The advantages of democracy also bring up several sociopolitical issues in the society. Let us look at what the supporters and opponents of democracy have to say about it.

Debate On Democracy

In Support Of Democracy


A democratic government is elected by the people of the country. Right from the selection, to the working of the government, everything is exposed to people. They have a say in introduction of new measures, or changes in existing government schemes. Everything is open and visible for people.

Mental Peace

Citizens of a democratic government have mental peace knowing that they are the makers of the government. Such a government has fear to perform well as they can be replaced by any other better performing government by people at any moment of time. So, people should be rest assured that there is negligible possibility of going against the interest of people.

A Successful Political System

There are several ingredients to a successful government such as happy citizens, prosperity, maintaining law, and order, transparent operation and lack of corruption. Democracies excels in all these areas and is considered to be the best among all the other types of government. It is a voice of the general public and effectively and promptly deals with underlying issues and imperfections in the system to promote justice and peace.


Democracy makes a government more answerable to people about any existing issues in the system, new launch of programs, discontinuation of schemes. Democracy enhances the quality of decision that a government forms during his reign and lowers the possibilities of any rash or careless decisions.

Enhanced Dignity

Citizens of a democratic government are given importance as they are the ones who will decide which is the better government for the nation. A democracy depends on its citizens to form informed choices. Unlike other forms of the government, in democracy, the power lies in the hands of general public, they are treated with dignity.

In Against of Democracy

Government Of The Incompetent, And Innocent people

A democratic government is the government of innocent people who do not possess political intelligence and are not sufficiently educated. So, you can’t just rely on the views of the incompetent people in selection a leadership that will rule the nation. People may lack the adequate knowledge and assessment needed to select the government.

On the day of election, both an illiterate and wise men are considered to be equal. Poor and illiterate people are easily manipulated by government by providing them false hopes, and assurances of a better future. So, you can’t give them the power to decide the ruling authority. Their decision does not always in the best interest of themselves, and the nation.


As in a democracy, there is no stability in the leadership. If people view that the present government has failed to perform as per their expectations, then it may be removed. This results in instability in the government. Such an unpredictability and uncertainty influence several major areas of operation in the business.

Government Of Only Affluent Sections

Democracy is viewed as the government of the common man, however in actual sense, it is more inclined to the wealthy sections of the society. The candidates who are contesting in elections spend money in millions to win an election.

There is a lot of corruption involved in the background that public is not aware of.  Poor, and honest candidates who fail to afford spending money on elections reduces his chances of winning elections. To many, getting elected in a political system is to make money and become rich.


Another major drawback of democracy is the corruption involved in the way the government is selected. Electoral competition, is one of the major reasons that leads one to bribery, exploitation, dishonesty, and enticement.

Dictates By The Majority

It has been seen that political parties come up with the noblest intentions to people just a few months before the date of elections. A lot of political parties plays with the emotions of people, to secure high votes. The advertising strategy they adopt helps them to get more votes, and succeed in elections.

Those who remained firm, not get swayed by their tactics and did note vote for them, are not considered in the overall decision-making process. In this way, the selection of the government relies on the influential strategies, and manipulation of common man. After when the government gets selected for five years, it shows its true colors to people.

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