Debate On Books


Books are one of the best sources to access information on any topic. However, with technology advancement, people find them a little outdated. Let us see what are people have to say in support, and against books.

Debate On Books

Reduce stress

Books are one of the best stress busters. It is an ideal way to release all your tiredness from a long day at work. For a certain period of time, you can get distracted and lose yourself in a different world. Books are one of the best ways to loosen up yourselves, and enjoy a great reading session.

Best Friend

We all know that books are the best friend. Whenever you are alone, you can get your favorite book and read it. It can be funny, mysterious episode, romantic novel, science or fiction etc. Books will lighten your mood and serve as your best friend. You can count on them whenever you feel lonely, and seek out for a companion.

Makes you smart, and intelligent

Everyone wants to be with people who are intelligent, knowledgeable, and smart. Books help in developing our personality. Whether it is current affairs, sports, music, or any other field, books are available on a diverse range of topic. It gives you abundance of knowledge that keeps you up to date and well-informed all the time.

Does not require battery, technological device, charger or internet to access it

Another very important advantage of books is that it does not need any battery. Google, YouTube etc. and other online mediums to access information are competitors of books. But these advanced forms of information access methods require power driven technological gadgets. A traditional book is handy and does not need power requirements. You can easily carry with yourself on a trip without any need of charger.

Improves language skills

Who does not want to be perfect in language skills? It is one of the aspects that makes your personality impressive. People who have good command over language are more preferred in jobs over ones who have mediocre language skills. There is no denying in the fact that reading books helps in expansion of your vocabulary.

You get to learn new sentences, phrases, and words. Books also help you learn new language. A person who reads book regularly become is seen to be an impressive conversationalist who excel at reading, writing and communicating with others.

Healthy entertainment

Unlike television, YouTube videos, social media websites, etc. that waste a lot of time of users, reading books enrich your knowledge and gives a healthy entertainment to people. It expands your knowledge, and information base.

In Against of Books

Need an adequate light source

You can’t read a book in improper light. Where other electronic information channels are accessed over technological gadget, that can be read without lighting the room, books can’t.


With introduction of several online sources of information, a lot of children find it uninteresting and boring to reach out to libraries and read books. It is not just time-consuming, but takes up an effort when you have huge repository of information available just at your finger-tips.


With easy and quick exposure to electronic devices, student find it accessing electronic form of information more convenient than reaching out to a book. Also, electronic form of information provides you with various options such as adjustment of the right font size, increase brightness levels, etc. to make the content easily readable to people.


Books are flammable. They are prone to burn that makes them risky.


Another disadvantage of books is that they have weight so people have to think twice before carrying them on the trip.

Promotes Deforestation

More books need more killing of trees. As books have paper that are made from trees, it promotes deforestation. This will increase global warming and adversely impact the environment.

Help with Eye Strain

One of the biggest disadvantages of electronic mode of information access is “screen luminance”. The low-light screens still emit artificial light, that disturbs with sleep of a person. It puts strain on the eyes. Books does not have any such problem. When you read a book under proper lighting, your eyes get relaxed with passing time, and don’t interfere with the sleep cycle of the body.

Excessive reading wastes time

Books can lead to an addiction as well. Sometimes children are seen to spend a lot of time on books, that they tend to neglect interacting with family members, friends, outdoor activities and even their studies. Reading books is not a social activity. It is a one-person activity. Young or old, over indulgence in reading can make people socialized.

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