Debate On Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is referred to as the “intelligence of automated machines.” It is about creation of machines that think, behave, and work like humans. Due to the success of this technology, scientists are even working to introduce EQ (Emotional intelligence) in machines.

Debate On Artificial Intelligence

As AI is gaining momentum day by day, and becoming a part of daily lives, it has become a topic of debate. Some technocrats view it as a blessing, while others consider it a threat. This debate will give you more clarity on how it impacts the life of people, and society.

In Support Of Artificial Intelligence

Less Possibility For Errors

Machines never make mistakes. However, it is possibility for a human to make a mistake. As machines with AI technology are based on previous data records, and algorithms, the possibilities of making errors reduce. This is a very important feature when you need to solve complex issues that needs (tough calculation) without any chances of error. This helps in improving the efficiency of the processes implemented for the execution of tasks.

Right Decision Making

Humans sometimes mix emotions with business, that leads them to wrong decisions. Machines work without any emotional involvement that makes them more efficient. Artificial intelligence helps them make right decisions quickly.

One of the best examples of AI is in the area of healthcare. The integration of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector results in improved efficiency of medical treatments with negligible chances of incorrect diagnosis.

Appropriate for risky jobs

There are several jobs that poses danger for humans. Whether it is mining, studying the ocean floor, or space program, etc. scientists use AI-based machines, and robots to execute the task.

In situations where human safety is of an utmost concern, machines that comes fitted with “predefined” algorithm can also be used. These complex machines are designed to be most suited in scenarios where human survival is difficult. Ability to work under life-threatening situations is a major benefit of AI machines.

Works non-stop

To work to the best level of abilities, and enhance productivity, humans need break from time to time. This can limit the extent of outcome. Machines doesn’t get tired. They can work non-stop for consecutive hours without showing any sign of failure. This is another key advantage of AI-based machines. Even if you run them for several hours without any break, their efficiency will not get compromised.

Need No holidays, and incentives

Artificial Intelligence based machines, and robot does not need any holiday like humans, salary, and other incentives like employees. The maintenance cost of these machines come out to be very less compared to how much an organization spends for its employees.

Against Artificial Intelligence

Can’t replace humans

Though machines are highly efficient, they lack compassion, emotions, and sympathy that are required to work in a team. AI built robots can’t create a bond with humans and so can’t replace human connection that forms the team.

Increase Unemployment

As machines are replacing humans in tasks that require repetition, they are creating unemployment in jobs. The result is that employers are in fear of losing their jobs to machines. Over time, you will realize that humans are no longer an importance for companies.

Risk Of Losing Critical Data

There can be various critical personal, and financial information in a business that are managed by AI-based machines. If due to technical issues, the machine gets damaged, or corrupted, then recovering the information can be challenging for a business. It can also bring the entire system at a halt. This can be troublesome for a business.

Misuse of AI

One of the major drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence is the misuse of technology. It can cause a lot of destructive to the world. If the control of these machines goes into wrong hands, then they may use it for their own selfish interest and cause harm to the society.

Expensive to Implement

Artificial Intelligence is expensive to implement. The upfront payment in building these machines, and robots is very high. As it is a machine, it is prone to wear and tear. Keeping them in the best state, can be very expensive for an organization.

Dependency on Machines

Where the dependency of machines is increasing day by day, it can cause addiction in people. Living without the assistance of these machines becomes difficult for people. The outcome is reduced analytical abilities of humans over time.

Restricted Work

AI enabled machines are programmed, and trained to execute limited tasks in a specified way. You can’t expect these machines to be creative in their operation, and adapt to new environments.

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