Debate On 2nd Amendment


The Gun Culture began in America from its colonial history, frontier expansion, and revolutionary roots. The 2nd Amendment states that a well-regulated militia is needed for the security of any free state. This law protects the right of people to keep, and own ammunition. The supporters, and opponents have different views on this law. Let us look at both the viewpoints in detail.

Debate On 2nd Amendment

Deterring Vs Promoting Crime

Proponents of the Second Amendment states that this law safeguards the right of an individual to own guns. They state that guns are required for self-defense to save from danger due to foreign invaders and local criminals.

In their opinion, gun ownership eliminates crime than leading to more crime. So, the government should not infringe the right to own arms and ammunition for their own safety. Opponents of this law have the opinion that guns should be owned only for military purpose, and its use by common man should be prohibited.

A Means For Self Defense

Opponents of 2nd Amendments believe that use of guns would cause harm to the society. It would also promote gun culture that would make the environment violent. When people are given the free right to keep guns, they would be tempted to use it for destruction of others. Beyond defense, they can even use it to attack innocent people in the society.

Proponents believe that Guns are useful to safeguard you, and your family members when a thief breaks into the home. It is a way for people to defend themselves. People can ammunition to reduce crime cases that includes homicide, sexual assault, and other intensified assault by 5%, and more.

They also said that police take a few minutes to reach to the place of incident and there is a possibility that within that time a lot of casualty would have taken place. when you have guns then you can protect yourselves. It is one of the good ways to stop bad people using the same tool.

For Protection Of The Country

It is not just the armymen, the National Guard, and the over-extended police force, have the responsibility to protect the country. Every single individual can do a bit in protecting their country from any outside danger. The Second Amendment gives an opportunity to people to use this right in the right way to protect the country from foreign invasions like the Chinese intrusion in the past. 2nd Amendment wants people to stand up for themselves and don’t rely on others for their own safety.

The point of the 2nd Amendment is perfectly valid. It is when you own an ammunition, it makes you powerful to deal with thieves, and protect your life-time earning from them. Attackers will think many times before attempting to snatch things from you So, having s support of weapon gives you the ability to defend adequately.

Qualification To Own A Weapon In The US

Proponents believe that when the government provide the right to everyone to walk into a firearms store and get ammunition so easily, this law can support people with unscrupulous intention. Such people will then have no obstruction in accumulating weapons and harming the society. In short, there is no assurance that only good people will come and request for ammunition at the store.

Opponents say that there are legal eligibility conditions in place that only sanctions firearms to people who pass the “National Instant Criminal Background Check System”. This system checks on the candidature of the person and whether there are any cases against him on criminal grounds. Only when the system doesn’t find any records of mental incapability, or criminal offense, legally qualifies that person for the ammunition.

Safe Use Of Weapons

Opponents of the 2nd Amendment says that the government have not prescribe anything about the safe use of weapon by people. There should be a set guideline on what circumstances, and till what extent the weapon can be used by an individual. The 2nd Amendment has not created any specific restrictions to ownership on the basis of high-risk behaviors. If a person is seen to disobey this guideline, he shall disown the weapon immediately.

It Risks Owner’s Household

Without any specific compliance guidelines for the private gun ownership, there are chances that it can lead to unrestricted use of weapon, and can even cause harm the society. These guidelines are very important as a majority of homicides incidences (4.5 deaths per 1 lakh population) are attributed to the use of firearms every single year in the U.S.

It has also been seen that around 95% of the total suicide cases have occurred due to the presence of gun. It has been seen that households who own just a single gun carried seven times more risk of premature death than the ones who didn’t have.

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