Class on – A robust school management ERP solution in India, Transforming the way students, parents, and teachers interact

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made things even more challenging for the teachers, parents, and admin staff of schools. The online mode of learning is something new for everyone. While most schools rely on WhatsApp and Google Drive for homework, sharing worksheets, and as a means of communication, these apps are not specifically designed for schools.

In order to make things easier for schools in India, Class on has developed a school management ERP solution. They have been a part of the education market in India since 2016 years. The school ERP app by Class on is a result of the hardwork and dedication of their entire team.

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School Management ERP Apps

The Class On School Management ERP solution is a school management software specifically designed and crafted to cater to the needs of Indian schools. It is an ideal school mobile app for all – teachers, students, and parents. Being a smart school app, it makes things easy for everyone. Several schools already have access to the Class On app and are transforming the way schools function.

According to the experts of Class On, this mobile app takes care of all routine activities including but not limited to homework management, student attendance, administrative activities, fee management, e-learning, etc. This high-tech and user-friendly school management software has the power to manage different school activities. It is a comprehensive school management ERP solution with an easy-to-use dashboard, seamless navigation, and meticulously structured reports.

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About the benefits of Class On School mobile app

Many schools, parents, teachers, and students have been successfully using the school management ERP solution ever since its launch by Class On

Assignment worksheets

Using the Class On teacher app, school teachers can assign worksheets of different subjects to student’s class wise and even division wise. The best part about the Class On teacher app is that they can upload the worksheets in different formats – PDF, JPEG, PNG.


The notification option in the Class On school management ERP solution ensures that nothing is missed for both, the teachers and parents. Whenever the teachers assign homework or projects, parents receive a mobile notification. Similarly, when parents or students upload the activity sheets, the teachers receive a notification. This ensures that there is no communication lag between the parents, teachers, and students.


Another tedious administrative task for schools is to keep a record of student’s attendance. The Class On school mobile app makes the attendance process automated so that teachers do not have to maintain a physical copy for the same. Each parent is regularly communicated about the attendance of their ward.

Students information

Considering the number of students each school has, managing the information of each student is quite laborious and the paperwork is even more challenging. With Class-on school management ERP solution, all key information of students is available digitally in a secured database.


One major challenge in schools using messaging apps like WhatsApp is that the phone numbers of both boys and girls are visible to everyone. This does not happen with the Class-on school mobile app. All information, including the phone number and email id remains completely confidential and cannot be seen by all. This eliminates the risk of harassment and teasing.

Indeed, the class-on app is a teachers’ app as well as a parents’ app.

There is an app for everything these days. The Class-on school mobile app is definitely a one developed by the company considering the future of education in India. With everything going mobile, the Class On app is designed to make things easy and convenient for everyone.

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